Digital Economy Innovation

Going Cashless: Why the Nigerian Railway System Needs to Follow Suit

As the government promotes its cashless policy, it is puzzling why the Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC), the government-owned enterprise with the exclusive right to operate railways in Nigeria, still insists on cash payments for certain routes (Lagos/Ibadan). The move to cashless transactions is necessary to ensure modern, convenient, and secure payment methods for the citizens, […]


2023 NCC ICT Innovation Competition: Empowering Nigeria’s Youth to Bridge the Digital Divide

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has officially announced the 2023 ICT Innovation Competition, providing a platform for start-ups, tech hubs, investors, and the ICT ecosystem to showcase their ideas, skills, and solutions. @iamjidaw Nigerian Communications Commission NCC Annual ICT #Innovation Competition for #startups #Tech #techhubs #Nigeria #iamjidaw #jidaw ♬ Skelem Key (feat. Sour Man Bw) […]


2022 ICT Nigeria – Data Protection and Privacy

In 2022, there was more focus on data protection in the ICT sector. People and organizations became more aware of the need to keep sensitive data safe from misuse and unauthorized access, use, and changes. @iamjidaw 2022 ICT developments – #Dataprotection and #privacy #Regulation #Legislation #data #gdpr #Nigeria #Africa #iamjidaw #jidaw ♬ original sound – […]