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The NSIA Prize for Innovation: Promoting Innovation and Technology Development in Nigeria

Innovation and technology development are crucial drivers of economic growth, job creation, and resource sustainability in Nigeria and Africa. The Science, Technology and Innovation Strategy for Africa (STISA) aims to accelerate Africa’s transition to an innovation-led, knowledge-based economy through increased investment in science, technology, and innovation.

NSIA Prize for Innovation

The NSIA Prize for Innovation is designed to support early-stage, growth-driven solutions, particularly in priority sectors such as Financial Services, Agriculture, Health, Education, Manufacturing, Logistics & E-mobility, E-commerce & Marketplaces, and Climate. The prize seeks to achieve various goals, including stimulating groundbreaking solutions by providing financial support, promoting significant economic expansion, increasing productivity, and generating employment opportunities. It also intends to serve as a catalyst for early-stage investments in creative minds, equipping them with the necessary resources for scaling up and achieving product-market suitability.

The NSIA Prize for Innovation and STISA

The NSIA Prize for Innovation aligns with the goals of STISA by promoting innovation and technology development in Africa. The prize focuses on priority sectors identified in STISA and encourages ingenuity within the digital ecosystem. The prize is poised to identify, build, and channel the country’s latent potential in innovation and technology to catalyze economic growth, enhance the nation’s productive capacity, create jobs, and optimize resource sustainability.

Innovation Needs in Nigeria and Africa

Aligned with the goals of STISA, the NSIA Prize for Innovation focuses on priority sectors identified in STISA and encourages ingenuity within the digital ecosystem. The prize promotes research and development in the digital sector, one of the key priorities identified in STISA. By providing funding and mentorship to early-stage, growth-driven solutions, the prize will support Nigerian innovators and start-up founders to develop their ideas and bring them to the market.

Innovation plays a pivotal role in tackling the development obstacles that Nigeria and Africa are currently facing. The lack of investment in research and development (R&D) and innovation in Africa is particularly challenging. The NSIA Prize for Innovation provides a unique platform for empowering start-up founders and innovators by providing them with financial support, mentorship, and networking opportunities with potential investors. By fostering a community of interconnected individuals, the prize promotes collaboration across the ecosystem, while also creating an enabling policy environment that supports the development of innovation and technology in Nigeria and Africa.

Call for Applications: The NSIA Prize for Innovation is currently accepting applications, with a deadline of April 8th, 2023.

Visit to register.

Innovative solutions are encouraged to apply. The prize offers a chance to win up to US$255,000 in prizes, as well as additional non-monetary but essential support.

Author: Jide Awe

Science, Technology and Innovation policy advisor.

Find him on Twitter @jidaw