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The Women Techsters Bootcamp

The tech industry offers immense opportunities for those interested in building a career in the sector. However, women in Africa face several challenges in pursuing tech careers, including limited access to training, mentorship opportunities, gender biases, and stereotypes. The Women Techsters Bootcamp, developed by Tech4Dev, aims to empower girls and women aged 16 to 40 in Africa with the skills and resources needed to succeed in the tech industry. This program is designed to overcome the challenges faced by women in this field.

How does the Women Techsters Bootcamp help women in Africa to overcome the challenges and seize opportunities in careers and skills development in the tech field? In addition, how does the bootcamp align with the Science, Technology and Innovation Strategy for Africa (STISA)?

Improving Access to Tech Education
The program increases access to technology education and offers skill development in five learning tracks, including Cybersecurity, Data Analysis, Product Design, Product Management, and Software Development.

Participants gain valuable insights and advice about their careers through mentorship from industry experts, and the networking opportunities allow them to connect with other women in the tech industry and build a network of contacts and support.

The Women Techsters Bootcamp indeed provides women in Africa with the opportunity to build successful careers in the tech industry. through the acquisition of these skills, participants are better equipped to compete for jobs and other career and work opportunities in the tech industry.

Aligns with STISA
The Women Techsters Bootcamp aligns with the Science, Technology and Innovation Strategy for Africa (STISA) by promoting capacity building, gender equality, and fostering partnerships between different stakeholders in the tech industry. The bootcamp helps boost digital inclusion, drive innovation and economic growth in Africa, and contribute to the achievement of STISA’s goals.

The bootcamp’s focus on women in the tech industry is impressive and valuable. Excluding women from this field results in a loss of diverse perspectives and ideas, limiting innovation and creativity on the continent. Africa needs women’s ideas and contributions in this critical field to realize its full potential. Gender biases and stereotypes are outdated, and the bootcamp actively encourages greater female representation in tech. All Africans, regardless of gender, location, or ability, should have the opportunity to pursue their dreams and make meaningful contributions to their communities.

Call for Applications
The Women Techsters Bootcamp 2.6 is currently accepting applications from women in several African countries. The program is tuition-free and exclusive to girls and women aged between 16 to 40 years, offering a 3-week introductory class in one of five learning tracks, mentorship from industry experts, and networking opportunities.

Interested individuals can apply at

The deadline for applications is April 16, 2023. Join the Women Techsters Bootcamp and take a step towards building a successful career in the tech industry!

Author: Jide Awe

Science, Technology and Innovation policy advisor.

Find him on Twitter @jidaw

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