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The African Masters of Machine Intelligence

The African Masters of Machine Intelligence (AMMI) offer an opportunity to become a Machine Intelligence Expert. The call for applications for AMMI2024 is now open! This transformative initiative aims to empower talented Africans with cutting-edge training in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Intelligence (MI). Africa can’t afford to be a bystander as the world changes […]

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AI for Science: Unlocking Innovation and Development in Africa

The manner in which Artificial Intelligence (AI) connects with science and the resulting impact has become a hot topic in research and innovation. The potential for AI to transform scientific research and accelerate progress towards sustainable development goals is immense. It cannot be overemphasised. However, AI capacity is an undeniable issue. Reliable access to quality […]

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Beyond ‘Garbage In, Garbage Out’: The Complexity of AI’s Output

Artificial intelligence (AI) has the power to transform the way we live, work, and interact with one another. The potential of AI is incredible, and as a result, entire industries will be transformed, leading to significant improvements in commerce, health, education, governance, and quality of life. However, it’s crucial not to underestimate the impact of […]


Deep Learning Indaba: Advancing Machine Learning and AI in Africa

Are you an African machine learning enthusiast or expert with the desire to shape the future of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in our continent? Then you should consider the Deep Learning Indaba! The annual conference is dedicated to advancing machine learning and artificial intelligence in Africa, and promoting diversity, inclusivity, and representation in these fields of […]