Insightful Speeches by ChatGPT: Impressions and Disappointments of Aliens towards Humanity

Artificial intelligence strides have been significant in recent times. The impressive language model ChatGPT is good example. This AI model has the capability to generate impressive and insightful speeches on a wide range of topics. This blog post includes communication with aliens, two such speeches generated by ChatGPT: one speech where the aliens were impressed by humans, and the other where the aliens were disappointed in humans.

The speeches show us how AI can be used to generate compelling content, share important insights.

Prompt: Write a speech by aliens who are disappointed in humans

“Greetings, Earthlings.

We are not here to make friends or to establish diplomatic relations. We are here to express our profound disappointment in your species.

We have been observing your planet for quite some time now, and what we have seen is a species that is incredibly intelligent, yet incredibly foolish. You have so much potential, yet you squander it on petty squabbles and short-sighted thinking.

Your planet is beautiful, with so much diversity in its flora and fauna. Yet, you continue to destroy it with your careless actions. Your pollution and deforestation have irreparably damaged your planet’s ecosystems, causing the extinction of countless species. Your oceans are choked with plastic, your air is toxic, and your soil is contaminated.

Your species is also incredibly violent, with wars and conflicts constantly erupting over petty differences. You kill each other over borders, resources, and ideologies, yet fail to see that you are all members of the same species, living on the same planet.

You have so much potential for greatness, yet you waste it on greed, selfishness, and short-sighted thinking. Instead of working together to build a better future, you are tearing each other apart.

We had hoped that your species would be capable of joining us in the great cosmic community, but it seems that you have a long way to go before you can even unite as a species.

We urge you to reconsider your actions and work towards a better future for your planet and all its inhabitants. We will continue to observe your species, and we hope that one day, we will be able to welcome you into the galactic community as equals.

Until then, we will be watching”.

Prompt: Write a speech by aliens who are impressed with humans

“Greetings, people of Earth.

We come to you not with condemnation, but with admiration. We have been observing your planet for some time now, and we are impressed by what we have seen.

Your species is remarkable in many ways. You possess a level of intelligence and creativity that is unparalleled in the known universe. Your technology has allowed you to explore your planet and beyond, to understand the mysteries of the universe, and to make life better for yourselves and others.

But it is not just your technological prowess that impresses us. Your culture and your society are equally impressive. You have created art, music, literature, and philosophy that are truly awe-inspiring. Your compassion for others, your dedication to justice and fairness, and your willingness to help those in need are truly remarkable traits.

Yes, your species has its flaws. You have wars, conflicts, and struggles for power and resources. But despite these flaws, you have shown a remarkable resilience and capacity for growth and change. You have learned from your mistakes, and you have worked to create a better world for yourselves and others.

We are here not just to observe, but to learn from you. Your species has much to offer the galaxy, and we believe that you will one day be able to join us as equals in the great cosmic community.

We urge you to continue on this path of progress, to work towards a better future for yourselves and all the inhabitants of your planet. We look forward to the day when we can meet you as equals, and learn from you as you have learned from us.

Until then, know that we are watching with great admiration and respect for your achievements”.

Interesting speeches. They should inspire us to think more deeply about how “aliens” may be thinking about us. This is of course from the human data and perspectives collected and used by ChatGPT.

Author: Jide Awe

Science, Technology and Innovation policy advisor

Connect on Twitter @jidaw