2022 ICT Nigeria – Data Protection and Privacy

In 2022, there was more focus on data protection in the ICT sector. People and organizations became more aware of the need to keep sensitive data safe from misuse and unauthorized access, use, and changes.

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Establishment of the Nigeria Data Protection Bureau (NDPB)
In an exciting development, the Federal Government of Nigeria created a new agency called the Nigeria Data Protection Bureau (NDPB) and appointed Dr Vincent Olatunji to be the Chief Executive Officer, on the 4th of February 2022. This is happening because more data is being made today, by people and machines. As more of us share our info online and companies collect data in different ways, it’s important to have measures to protect both individuals’ and organizations’ data. Previously, the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) was in charge of data protection and privacy in Nigeria, but now the NDPB has taken over.

Draft Data Protection Bill
The NDPB also made a draft Data Protection Bill, “Data Protection Bill 2022” on 6 October 2022. This will make sure data protection and privacy rights are protected by law and guide the NDPB’s actions. The bill was developed with input from the public and relevant stakeholders and aims to strengthen the data protection system in Nigeria.

It’s really important to have the right safeguards in place so we can get the most out of data and have a productive and innovative economy in the age of artificial intelligence and new technologies like industry 4.0. But as more data is collected and used, we need to think about the ethical and privacy concerns that come with using personal data according to people’s consent.

Without security, safety, and trust, the digital economy isn’t sustainable. People will only use online services and digital platforms that they trust, no matter how cool or exciting they might seem.

As the digital economy grows and creates new opportunities, data protection and privacy are important for the success of the economy and society. The NDPB will be very helpful in creating and keeping a trustworthy digital economy for all Nigerians. Legislation is, however, crucial. We need laws to protect the confidentiality, privacy, and appropriate use of collected data so we can have a thriving and inclusive digital economy that people trust.

Jide Awe, founder, Jidaw