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Testimonials -

Here are a selection of testimonials that reflect the views of some of the people who have chosen to write to us about Other testimonials can be found on the ICT Achievers Award page.

Jidaw Systems was awarded a Certificate of Excellence at the ICT Achievers Award 2005 in the Category "Top ICT SMME in Africa". Learn about the Certificate of Excellence Award here.

The response has been global and overwhelming. Testimonials come from all over the world.

The Jidaw community thanks you ALL for your appreciative and uplifting words. You are our Kings and Queens! We are touched by the messages thanking us for opening their eyes to ICT, e-business and other knowledge society opportunities. Your words tell us we are doing something right and serve as powerful sources of inspiration and encouragement to us at Jidaw and for many out there who are still unsure and undecided. Thank You for inspiring us to improve and do even more.
Keep up your winning mentality as you continue to excel.

You are on the road, You are the best!

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13 February 2009

Keep The Good Work!

Hello, I am really happy to have come in contact with your website. Keep the good work of enlighten the citizens of Nigerians and the Africans at large the importance of ICT in these very age we find ourselves. God bless your good work


Azonobi Obinna




13 February 2009

Keep it up!

Keep it up. A job WELL DONE!


Gbadebo Oluwaseun Ayodele




10 February 2009

Your IT newsletter!!

Thanks for this unique opportunity. I am grateful.


Michael Marcel




9 February 2009



Thanks for making me a part of you


Binta Keri




5 February 2009

You just made my day


Siji Ojemuyiwa

Abuja, Nigeria




2 February 2009

Good work men. Thumbs up.


Sunday Eddy




16 January 2009


Hi there, i registered online for your A+ and Networking Engineering diploma program that will be run for two month period. I WOULD LIKE YOU to reserve a place for me in the program. i will come down to Lagos before the end of next week to pay for the program the reason why am asking you for this favour is that I don't want to miss the program. you can contact me through my email or mobile number.




Ajisafe from Ibadan, OYO STATE




15 January 2009

I really want to be one of your students

I really want to be one of your student, anytime soon. I like courses you offer, that's what I need to shape up my future. Nigeria is like miles away from where I live (Lesotho)! Don't you have branch in South Africa? Thank you!

Sootho Ndaba




12 January 2009


Thanks for this opportunity. I just opened this site today. It is wonderful. I hope i will be getting info to my e-mail often.

Ahuchaogu Faith




12 January 2009


I really appreciate all the update you have been sending to me, I am really grateful. For a very long time that I have not reply to your mails, does not mean I am not interested in your free seminars or in any of your courses, I am always occupy that is why but one of this days I will try my best to attend some seminars.

Thanks one more time for your concern.





8 January 2009

Interesting Videos

I'm interested in VSAT installation of the dish, and connection with the router or switch and troubleshooting .I must say that your videos are interesting.

Conrad Tatabod





6 January 2009

Happy New Year

Happy new ,your newsletter has been helpful to me. Kudos and a job well done. I reside in Abuja, I am an oracle certified professional

Ayodele Oluwadiya




5 January 2009


Thanking you for the information that is being disseminated to somebody like me (applicant). I'im a graduate of Statistics from The Polytechnic Ibadan and also presently undergoing my masters programme in Actuarial Science from The University of Ibadan please keep your good work .I also join millions of people outside there to wish you HAPPY NEW YEAR

Adisa Bolajoko Beatrice




5 January 2009

NSE infrastructure

We the new engineers need you a lot beside us for enlightenment and advice.


Lafred Engineering ltd




5 January 2009

Help on Best ISP

I want to know better ISPs. I will be very grateful. Thanks for the Information and God will always rewards your Brain and your efforts.

Adewale Wasiu




4 January 2009

Job Search, Career opportunities

Great job. I'm impressed & interested in securing a job/career as a graduate of Elect/Elect Technology Education





2 January 2009

Happy New Year

Your articles are motivating, inspiring and educative. Happy new year to Jidawites. How much would it cost me to take DBA in your center? It is very urgent!

Tunde Ajayi




30 December 2008

Year of the Unstoppable, Creative, Unshakeable!

Yes, 2009 will be year of knowledge.. Hence, I salute your efforts towards providing free IT seminar thru year 2008. Nevertheless, your website remain daily bread for me, I wish to study with you because I see Jidaw as the best IT center in Africa. Your article titled "TO DBA OR NOT" has inspired me and I MUST be trained at Jidaw.
Tunde Ajayi




25 December 2008

I must commend You

I must commend you guys. Really, you are doing a great job. Please i would love to know how possible it is for one to acquire e-skills online. Also, for a pharmacist what ICT programs should one run?

Princess Nnenna




23 December 2008

This is Great

With this Nigeria should be ahead of others.
You have inspired me and others.

Washington Dick, Aba, Abia state, Nigeria




22 December 2008

Glory to God

Scored essentials 795 IT Technician 900 I thank GOD. Glory be to God in the highest. It is God's doing and the spirit of excellence God has placed on your IT ministry. We hope and pray that as you keep bringing out excellent products in IT certifications, they will also be favoured in their career jobs and endeavours in life. Thank you Sir

Henry Aigbomian of Benin




18 December 2008

Thank you!

I write to officially thank Jidaw system for the free IT career certification seminar tagged "Total disregard to statue-quo". I look forward to running the a+ certification program with you soon.





17 December 2008


You are doing well for people like me to get awareness on things like this. Especially information technology

Precious Ozumba




13 December 2008


For hours I have sat studying your articles. Your advice and suggestions have kept me motivated. I have no doubt I will succeed in the IT industry and when I do, I'll remember it was partly because of you. GOD BLESS U


FUTO, Owerri




13 December 2008


In all sincerity, when I was coming for this seminar my expectation was that JIDAW is using this seminar to entice people for their courses. So I came with questions on IT programs which I planned to ask the MD. But to say the least the professionalism adopted by JIDAW cannot be seen in most seminars I have paid good money to attend and the in-depth of topics discussed answered all my questions on IT before the question time and to cap it up the extras added by JIDAW i.e. IT ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND CAREER FOCUS handled personally by the MD will remain a landmark and a milestone in the lives of most of the participants.


Chief JIDE AWE please continue your good work, GOD WILL SURELY REWARD BEYOND HUMAN EXPECTATIONS. I personally appreciate your sincerity of purpose. Continue to soar high in your chosen solemn vocation because that is how I view your commitment and sense of responsibility. THANKS AND GOD'S BLESSINGS ON YOU AND YOUR STAFF AND FAMILY.


Austine Richards Onyeachonam




13 December 2008

Thank You Jidaw

Good day. My name is Raheem Mujidat, and I just want to say a very big thank you, for all the good work.

Raheem Mujidat




11 December 2008


I am very grateful with the messages have been receiving from your organization. I hope there will be another opportunity for free seminar. Thanks and God bless, Happy Christmas in advance.

Uteh Francisca




26 November 2008


I really appreciate your article on internship and wish you keep informing the Diaspora as information is wealth. More powers to your elbow.





24 November 2008

Good Job

Yes Mr Jidaw, you are doing a good job and God will bless you abundantly.
I have a question and that is what is the job opportunity that likely awaits somebody with a CCNA and MCSE certification? I read BIOCHEMISTRY and not COMPUTER SCIENCE OR ENGINEERING. Please sir explain logically in a way I will comprehend. I want to upgrade myself. Thank you sir

Ofarami Joseph




24 November 2008

Well Done

I really appreciate this mail. Pls I wont be around on 29th, pls I will appreciate notice of the next seminar in Abuja. Thanks

Funmi Morebise




21 November 2008

Great work of change

Honestly, words are failing me now on how to describe the depth of understanding and quality of information manifested at the recent free IT seminar by

I came in confused but left with clarity of goals in that I got answers to the begging questions in my heart about ICT career path.

Please, keep the flag of change flying high.

I particularly commend Mr Jide Awe, a rebel leader of business, not a conformist, who in spite of the negative statistics is steering a renaissance and challenging the status quo, opening our minds to the verse opportunities that exist and the limitlessness of the human spirit.

Thank you. God bless you with more wisdom

Maximum respect,





21 November 2008



Jidaw provided way when there is no way/source of income for training. I was equipped with the substance of Jidaw.


Nosa Iyamu

CCNA certified from Jidaw




21 November 2008



I am further inspired by the success of your students that my IT aspirations can be fulfilled esp. by their disregard for the status quo.



Prince Ifeanyi Okeoma




21 November 2008


My name is Jude Ali, I live and work in Abuja, words cannot express the dimension of joy that flow through my soul the moment I discover that your noble outfit-JIDAW COMPUTER , will be in Abuja on 29 Nov for an ICT Seminar


Jude Ali




18 November 2008

Thank You, Jidaw

I thank the Jidaw Systems for this opportunity, and the good job the company is doing, they empower the youth and are trying to eradicate the problems of unemployment in this country.

Akeem Raheem




17 November 2008

Thanks Jidaw Team,

You have turned the new wings of IT. The Team that know no, selfishness. I am glad that this good work which I was part to 2004 in Lagos have come to meet me in Abuja. My path was lit up by you "Mr. Jide Awe" this is indeed an expression of unlimited change. Keep on doing the good work!

Isaiah Igbang




14 November 2008


I really appreciate your contribution by making meaning in most Nigerian youth life.


Enakirerhi Joseph




12 November 2008


Your effort to update me in the world of IT is most appreciated. It broadens my chance for skills acquisition in networking and my vision in telecommunication. Thanks for the update............... always with you. . 


Fagbohunka Eric




10 November 2008

Commendation on your effort in bringing this opportunity to Abuja

You really deserve to be commended for this your effort in bringing this great opportunity to Abuja. This clearly pictures out your mission in encouraging the Government and entire people of Nigeria in area of ICT development in the entire country. Things will now be more and more easier for us than before. I wish i should have been part of this effort.


Let me represent the entire north and say THANK YOU! JIDAW SYSTEM LIMITED. 


Nuhu Muhammad Anka

Gusau Zamfara State




8 November 2008

A Relief

It's a relief to know that Telecommunication and IT trainings are moving to Abuja full force. i wanted to serve in Lagos because of all the opportunities it holds, but it seems that is no longer necessary Thanks to Jidaw.. 


Karen Falade




7 November 2008

Special Thanks

Special thanks to the administrator of this newsletter for sending this newsletter. You are doing a wonderful job. Please keep it up. 


Oyeleke John




7 November 2008


I am most honoured and grateful to read your mail and recommend the IT & Telecom Newsletter to all lovers of IT world wide.



Abba Umar




6 November 2008

Thank You

Thank you very much. I always appreciate the fact that you are keeping me updated, but please can I know where the seminar will take place in Abuja?

Keep fit and cheers from me.

Benjamin Olawuyi




5 November 2008

Thank You

Thanks people for being concerned about my message. I will always get in touch with you .God bless you all. Good day.

Sylvester Kaluwaya

Lusaka, Zambia



4 November 2008

You are doing a great Job

Please I would like to subscribe to your newsletter. Thanks

Femi Ogunjirin



28 October 2008

You are the Best!

Mpoki Sonelo




27 October 2008

Thank You Very Much

I'm really very pleased with your response. I want to say Thank you even when you have no space for me because of the way you responded to my mail.

I'm grateful. I pray God lift you to your desired height.

Thanks for your Good Work.

Akpamu Agbazilo



26 October 2008

May God Reward You All

The report is dedicated to the Managing director and staff of Jidaw Systems Limited, Nigeria. You supported me when it mattered most. May God reward you all.

Adelowo Damilola




26 October 2008


Thank you for the computer orientation free short course.

Edwin Aligwo




22 October 2008


I commend you guys for educating the youths on the fastest growing sector-IT.

Tunde Ajayi



21 October 2008


Thanks a lot for your newsletter. I find the information very educating and challenging. Please I like to know when and where your free seminar will be held in Abuja.

Dada Abiodun



13 October 2008


What a wonderful work or research you guys have done to keep some of us that have left Nigeria for some time of the latest happening at home.

Keep the popular computer village in Ikeja on the chart


Newcastle UK



7 October 2008

Great Job

You people are doing a great job over there.






7 October 2008


I just got challenged by the achievement you have made through your student,

Congrats! Keep it up. I just love you guys. Kudos!!!.




7 October 2008


Thanks for providing me with vital information in your IT career newspaper.

John Usman.



5 October 2008


I am very happy to meet with you for the first time of my life. IT is my dream career, though am studying statistics in Yabatech in Lagos state Nigeria, I would like to add knowledge and power to my career.


Shola Ilori



4 October 2008


Thanks for sending us mails on job update. I appreciate and
hope to see more updates from you. Stay blessed

Eneye Daniel



2 October 2008

We congratulate you

On behalf of my family we also congratulate u all for 48th Anniversary of Nigeria's Independence on October 1, 2008. l really appreciate your mail to my box, in fact my friends and relatives benefit from it, and l must tall you that about 28 of them had got appointment through the information. Once again, thank you very much, and wish u all the best in our organization accordingly.

l remain yours in deed

Mohammed Ndagi



30 September 2008

Thank You

I say kudos to Mr. Jide Awe for enlightening me on the IT profession and certification. I'm so grateful.



21 September 2008


Thanks so much for the information you sent to me. Your site is an eye-opener. Its just very unfortunate I'm getting those info very late and this very painful. Anyway I've learnt my lesson now.

Mofiyinfoluwa Oluwatoyinbo



15 September 2008


From the very first day I stumbled on the website:, everything that has to do with IT has sort of come alive to me in a new way. That is why I came all the way from Bayelsa just to attend your free seminar in April.
Ever since, I have indeed gained tremendously from resources available in, and your weekly radio broadcast on Metro FM every Wednesday.

Your organization is exceptional and keep being exceptional! I am far better than where I was four months ago, thanks to JIDAW that has reshaped my thinking and perception on IT skills.

I pray the best for you guys.


Akintoye in Lagos



15 September 2008


Compliments of the day!!!. I am grateful for your correspondence as it has given me the opportunity to have secured a career in IT. Presently i am working with a local ISP in nigeria




10 September 2008

A Big Thank You

I must say a big thank you for your mails and updates. I school in LAUTECH and stay in Ondo state. I've not had the chance to come to Lagos for any of the seminars all these while. I wish I will have my way soonest. Keep on the good work.




4 September 2008


Infact you're in the inspirational! You have exposed me to ccna. Please keep the good job on. Thanks So Much. Jide awe

Ige of Ajah, Lagos



3 September 2008


I see your website as informative, innovative, educative, and motivational in the most fastest growing sector in Africa-IT. Jidaw kudos to you

Tunde Ajayi of Ile-ife


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