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GSM cell phone, GSM wireless phone

GSM cell phone business in Nigeria has led to the creation of wide variety of mobile and GSM business involving gsm phone rental, prepaid, gsm wireless phone, prepay solutions, 3g and gps. 

Also thriving is the sale of gsm mobile phone and gsm cell phone. Unlike a few years ago, portable and mobile handsets are no longer the exclusive preserve of the rich, and are commonplace everywhere. 

Hugely popular in the mobile market are: motorola gsm phone, ericsson gsm phone, nokia gsm phone, motorola gsm cell phones, gsm tri band phone, samsung gsm phone and sony ericsson gsm.

There is also a large used gsm phone market. Nokia gsm phones are the most popular for in used gsm phone as they are regarded as being very rugged and reliable. Nokia also does a lot of promotion and publicity.

Another activity involving mobiles that is quite common is that of unlocking. It is not uncommon to see vendors and telecom outfits advertising services for portables and handsets that have to with gsm unlocked cell phones, gsm unlocked phone and unlocked gsm phones.

The GSM cell phone and the GSM wireless phone business is big and growing one. All the major telecom manufacturers such as: 

Alcatel, Ericsson, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung are involved with a wide range of handsets, brands, grades, types and models.

Fast Moving Gsm cell phone

In the market for the brand new GSM cell phone and GSM wireless phone, these are the market leaders:

Nokia gsm phone 3310, 1100, 3210, 3510, 3510I, 5210, 6210, ETC
Samsung gsm phone 1100 & OTHER CAMERA TYPE
Sony Ericsson gsm phone
LG gsm phone
Siemens gsm phone C35, C35I (Blue face)
NEC gsm phone

In the market for fairly used GSM cell phone and GSM wireless phone, the Nokia gsm phone is the clear leader. Popular models are:

Nokia gsm phone 3310, 3510I, 3210, 6210, (Radio phone)/camera type

In the fairly used market, Nokia is popular because of its perceived reliability and ruggedness. Furthermore, the availability of Nokia parts and the fact that different Nokia models often use the same parts are some the reasons that make the Nokia gsm phone quite popular in the fairly used market.


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