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The nature of work today necessitates that people from different functions and levels work together to achieve results in a world of change.

The structured project management approach enables management to bring together parties with diverse needs and requirements sometimes over a wide geographic spread to achieve desired outcomes.

Project management  is today's most critical business skill that cuts across different business areas and professions such as IT, Health, Finance, Telecoms, Manufacturing, and the list goes on. Fortune Magazine calls project management, "Career Number 1."

Project management workshops are designed to assist you overcome the typical pitfalls of poor project management resulting in not achieving objectives, overspending and late delivery.  

Project management courses include Practical Project management training and Project management certification training. For practical PM courses, the practical component is the identification of a real project that you will work on during the course. It isn't just about studying to pass an exam. Even if you pass an exam, what is the use if you can't apply what you have learnt?

Remember, PM is all about value. Education must have value. Hands-on training makes sense; especially in this situation where the course facilitator has many years of quality experience of using such knowledge in successfully managing projects in several sectors - Manufacturing, Business Management, Engineering, Financial services, Medical, telecommunications, IT, etc. And you can benefit from that experience.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions on Project management training


Who is the Project Management Training for?

PM training is for individuals who work on small and large projects and anyone who want to update their project management competencies. Invest in Project management training because YOU want to create additional career opportunity by acquiring in-demand project management skills. Project management is acknowledged globally as the #1 business skill.

The Aims of Project Management Workshops

Attend Project management workshops because you want to master planning tools, management techniques, and people skills that will ensure project success. The bottom line is Project management is about improving business performance by applying specific principles time and again to bring in projects on time, within budget, and to specifications.

No wonder project management is attractive to employers and clients. I hope you see that because of today's "squeeze-tight-to-the-last-drop" economy, having effective project management skills puts you in a strong competitive position.


Fundamentals of Project Management

Project management fundamentals to be covered in PM training courses aim to equip participants with  competency in the following


The Core Modules of the course

Let me tell you what is covered by the course. At the end of the course you will be able to:

Initiate a project

  • Determine the project requirements

  • Define the project
    Develop a project statement and objectives that focus on the project goal
    Create a work breakdown structure to organise the project accomplishments and deliverables
    Identify resource requirements needed to meet the project objectives

  • Complete the project charter and scope document

Project Planning

  • Perform project scope management

  • Develop a project management plan

  • Use bar charts and network diagrams to schedule and track project progress

  • Perform a risk analysis to deal with potential problems

  • Allocate, cost and schedule resources

Project Implementation

  • Direct and manage project execution

  • Monitor the progress of the project at every stage

  • Perform project quality management

  • Implement change management to meet changing requirements and conditions

  • Lead the project successfully

  • Evaluate the outcome of the project

  • Conduct the project completion/termination.

Picture Your Profile after Completion of the Course

  • A person with confidence and in the driving seat with your next project

  • Someone with the skills to structure, plan and execute any project

  • A leader with the ability to react and take action in time of crisis

  • Will be able to address “real” client needs and ensure client satisfaction

  • Avoid common mistakes and pitfalls

  • You will have essential skills needed to build your future



"HOW TO FIND FREELANCE PROJECT MANAGEMENT AND OTHER JOBS": Enrol today and receive a free report of how you can utilize project management to advance your career and get contract work. Learn how an entrepreneur can use project management.

The Course is available immediately online. Online Training. Learn Anywhere, Anytime - Build your value when you want, where you want and at your own pace.

Fee: N50,000 per person


Fee: N25,000 FOR Project Management Training 2012 End of Year Special

Maximum Time Period to complete the course is 6 months

Register for Project Management Training

Unique Benefits Of The Programme

  • Optimal transfer to the work situation.

  • Well-managed projects completed on time within budget.


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