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Reference list of some projects executed by Jidaw Systems

Diploma student setting up the BIOS and basic software

United Bank for Africa (UBA)
Systems Support and Maintenance
This involved problem solving and resolution of several Hardware and Software problems in various UBA locations.
Computer Systems Consultancy
This involved planning advice, review of automation systems and provision of software management expertise when the need arose in several instances at UBA.

Obafunke Akinkugbe& Co
Computer Systems Consultancy & Training
This involved assessing Computer requirements and providing systems training, which involved Internet Awareness, for some legal and admin staff.

Women's Health Organization Of Nigeria (WHON)
Computer Systems Consultancy

This involved review of all automation requirements: Hardware, Software and Multimedia. This additionally involved the supply of several new PC systems and Multimedia systems for WHON.
Systems Support and Maintenance
This involved problem solving and resolution of several Hardware and Software problems in WHON.

Legal Research & Resource Development Centre (LRRDC)
Systems Training

This involved training LRRDC staff on areas such as Computer Operations and Usage, Work Techniques, Particular Software Usage
Computer Systems Consultancy
This involved providing consultancy services for all Information Technology requirements of LRRDC. The following were carried out: Total Systems review, Contingency planning, Strategic Information systems planning, Power Systems review, Hardware Maintenance, Internet Access and Control assessment
Supply of Hardware and Software This was for the supply and installation of several Hardware and Software used for office purposes.
Supply of Power Protection Equipment
This involved the supply of stabilizers and UPS systems
Systems Support and Maintenance
This involved problem solving and resolution of all Hardware and Software issues on the PC and Multiuser systems.

College of Medicine(UCH), Ibadan & University of Ibadan
Internet Training

Training of all Executive Management on Internet tools and uses. College of Medicine, University College Hospital (UCH), Ibadan & University of Ibadan

West African Portland Cement (WAPCO)
Computer Systems Consultancy

This involved all automation requirements: Hardware and Software. This involved the supply of several PC systems and printers. All supplied systems were fully loaded with functional software.
Supply of Power Protection Equipment
This involved the supply of stabilizers and UPS systems.
Systems Support and Maintenance
This involved problem solving and resolution of several Hardware and Software problems on the PC systems.

Queens College, Yaba, Lagos
Systems & Internet Training

This was provided for clerical and teaching staff for Computer Operations and usage. Internet Awareness training was also provided as part of the exercise.
A comprehensive workshop on PC Repair and Maintenance was organized for the students as one of their end-of-the-year activities.

Computer Systems Consultancy

This involved Systems review (for present and future purposes) with regard to Networking and other software installed. This involved evaluating the whole Headoffice Network for optimization purposes. Also an Office Automation review was done.
Systems Training
This was provided for Networking, Computer Operations and Particular Software usage.
Supply of Software
This involved supplying several Office Automation Software products.

Macarthur Foundation
Computer Systems Consultancy

Review of the foundation's Information Technology requirements. Internet Awareness training was also done.
Software Development
Development of Administration and Management software for the foundation. The package modules are: Research projects, Accounting and Contact information. The package was developed in Microsoft Visual Basic.
System Support and Installation
Installation of Computer systems and peripherals

Merchant Bank of Commerce
System Support and Installation

Installation of Computer systems and peripherals

Lagos State Judiciary
System Support and Installation

Installation of Computer systems and peripherals
Systems Training
Training of all Judges, Magistrates, Secretarial staff and Admin officers of Lagos State Judiciary. The first Computerization exercise for any Judiciary in Nigeria.

Olalomi Hospital
Computer Systems Consultancy

Review of the hospital's Computer requirements. Recommendation and analysis of Internet access requirements was also done. This included installation of Computer Systems and peripherals.
Software Development
Development of Hospital Management software. Development was done using Microsoft Access.

Continental Trust Bank Ltd

Network & UPS-line Cabling
Complete Network & UPS-line Cabling of network points, all using Structured Cabling as well as Integration of Computer Systems.

Globe Motors Limited
Accounting Software & Corporate Training

This involved the Supply, installation, and implementation of a Customized Accounting Software for the organization. Corporate Computer Appreciation Training was also administered.

Texaco Nigeria Plc
Systems Training

Training of some members of their IT staff on the following programs: Practical Networking Fundamental, PC Repair & Maintenance and Cisco Certification…

Jidaw Systems Limited single-handedly organized two free Computer Education Workshops for children and Adults in February and March 1997. The workshop has created awareness on the need for practical and quality Computer Education.

Jidaw Systems Limited has an ongoing Computer training program for individuals and organizations. This program is both practical and personalized. In all Computer Appreciation courses conducted by Jidaw Systems Limited, Internet Awareness Training is always an integral part of such courses.

Jidaw Systems Limited started a program of Public Internet Mass Awareness (PIMA) in August, 1997. PIMA aims to create awareness, so that Nigeria uses the Internet as a tool for development.

Jidaw Systems Limited is into the publication of Computer Awareness literature aimed at promoting Mass Computer Literacy. One such publication is the Learning Computer Operations and Usage book. One of the books published by Jidaw Systems Limited is a book that provides useful information about the Internet. is Nigeria's only IT training/certification Information website. is a one-stop-shop for useful IT tools and resources; an e-technology information center on the web.

It is Nigeria's first E-technology based web site geared towards serving individuals and organizations that have an interest in contemporary IT issues and developments in Nigeria. provides information and links to the most useful IT certification bodies, such as: CompTIA, Cisco, and Microsoft. It is a channel to the world's IT certification support sites.

Nigeria's first InfoValue website offers free information on:
a) Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in Nigeria; b) List and addresses of IT and Telecom providers in Nigeria; c) Weekly price guide on computers and computers related products; d) Free monthly newsletter on contemporary IT issues; e) IT Solutions - a down to earth online IT consultancy. is NIGERIA'S FOREMOST IT INFO DIRECTORY. The first website with Nigeria's IT policy. also has information on all major IT/Telecommunications bodies - local and international: a) Computer Professional Registration Council of Nigeria (CPN); b) COAN - Computer Association Of Nigeria; c) ITAN - Information Technology Industry Association of Nigeria d) ATCON - Association of Telecommunication Companies of Nigeria e) Nigerian Society of Engineers f) Council of RegisterThe Internet Society - global Internet body.'s online Bookshelf has the latest IT training/certification, e-commerce, telecommunications support textbooks, e-trainer, CDs, study/exam guides, etc.

In today's marketplace, the Internet is changing the way we communicate, interact and do business. offers individuals and companies the opportunity to advertise their products and services to more than 200million people connected to the Internet.

The website offers the following unique business promotion opportunities:
Page branding/sponsorship; Newsletter/IT Solution advertising; Banner/logo advertising; Online events promotion; Advertising on the site; Corporate listing, etc.

Also on the Internet, publishes an e-newsletter, DataView. It is a weekly and monthly e-magazine focused on news, trends, and resources for the IT and Telecoms industry. DataView is for individuals who want to ensure success in the IT profession. Subscribe here today for the latest IT News, career and certification tips, info and advice!

IT Career Forums

Jidaw Systems, also launched the first IT career initiative in Nigeria. The scheme dubbed the "IT Career forum" is an info event for those who aim to succeed in the IT profession. The principal aim of the IT career series is to provide practical solutions to IT career problems.

This initiative from Jidaw serves those considering, or those who have chosen, a career in IT. Registration details and more information on this unique event can be obtained from Jidaw Systems Limited's Lagos office at: 12 Eric Moore St, Wemabod Estate, Ikeja, Lagos

Jidaw Systems Limited also provides Career Counseling and talks for students of educational institutions. Such Career Counseling and talks are used to provide information for students on Information Technology careers.
For more on IT Career Success, click here:

Jidaw Systems Limited also organized Nigeria's first IT CERTIFICATION DAY, a one day seminar targeted at informing the general public of the need, requirements, importance of IT certification as well as the detailed overview of the various types of IT certifications available today. A comprehensive Resource Kit on IT certifications was given to the participants.

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