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Free IT Career Seminar

The Free Information Technology Career seminar addresses how to build and grow a successful career in information technology. Make a Difference in a field with Opportunity! The whole world depends on Information Technology (IT). IT professionals are needed in all segments of the economy.

The seminar provides unique career insights by looking at requirements and key certifications (A+, Net+, Linux+, CCNA) in two high demand areas of information technology (Technical support and Networking). The seminar is for everyone who has a deep desire to achieve in the information technology field. It's comprehensive. It's FREE and It works! Make a Difference NOW! 

Learn more about the Free IT Career Seminar

Project Management Training

Project management is recognized in all industries as the most critical business skill. Nobody argues with performance and results! Improve your opportunities and prospects by investing in this high demand course. 

Effective project management involves innumerable unpredictable variables. Join the Internet Project Management program and gain knowledge in making important strategic, make-or-mar decisions and handling the pressure of multiple deadlines. You can overcome the typical pitfalls of poor project management resulting in not achieving objectives, overspending and late delivery.

The project management course is flexible, effective, and affordable. Start at any time convenient for you. Work at your own pace and get immediate feedback. With self-paced and self-directed sessions, employers, clients and individuals benefit! Stay ahead of the crowd with the Project management course.

A+ Computer and Network Engineering Diploma. A+ Fast Track

A+ Fast track and A+ Computer and Network Engineering diploma. HIT THE GROUND RUNNING: Get practical skills and knowledge that is needed in all sectors of the economy. A+ - Technical Support is the busiest area of IT which also provides a solid foundation for all IT fields. "What is the best way to get into computers - CompTIA A+". "HIT THE GROUND RUNNING! What is A+?

Both A+ programs cover the A+ standards and syllabus and the differences are in duration, timing and background on the trainee. A+ fast track is for 2 Weeks everyday intensive while the diploma is for 2months (fulltime) / 3 months (part time). Click Here for A+ training.

CCNA+ Basic Networking

Jidaw has taken the Mystery out of CCNA by offering the most affordable, highest quality, Cisco certification training in the industry. CCNA  (#640-801), Cisco's most popular certification requires base-level knowledge of IP networking and troubleshooting. Cisco CCNA Training @ Jidaw is second to none.

We succeeded with Jidaw -CCNA Training Testimonials  

Project Management Resources

The bottom line is Project management is about improving business performance by applying specific principles time and again to bring in projects on time, on budget, and to specifications. No wonder project management is attractive to employers and clients. In today's "squeeze-tight-to-the-last-drop" economy I hope you see why having effective project management skills puts you in a strong competitive position. Click here for Project management resources.

IP Telephony

IT Trends and forecasting must recognize increased interest and investment in the convergence of the information technology and communications industries. Areas to watch for growth include: Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) networking, Cisco networking, Microsoft networking and other convergence technologies. Opportunities exist for those who design, install, configure, manage, and support these networks.

Interest in VOIP is massive and growing. Individuals with IP telephony skills are needed to demonstrate the cost and other benefits. Certifications to consider include  Click Here for Cisco's IP Telephony certifications.  

CompTIA Linux+ Training

The CompTIA Linux+ certification program was established with support and financial assistance from IT industry experts and leaders such as Intel, IBM and Hewlett-Packard.

CompTIA's Linux+ is a certification considered by many who want to launch into careers in Linux. "CompTIA Linux+ was named the fastest growing vendor-neutral certification in the solutions provider sales channel according to a recent survey by CRN magazine. The overall global market has been increasing for Linux as well".

 "CompTIA Linux+ certified gives an individual a recognized industry credential that offers proof of knowledge and expertise in Linux technologies". Click Here to learn more about CompTIA Linux+ Training

Wireless RF Networking Resources - No less in Wireless

Getting exposed to a technology that's fairly new with immediate and foreseeable demand is a wise career move for IT professionals.
Wireless technologies have been exploding in the economy over the past 4 to 5 years, and more WLANs solutions, partly due to the proliferation of wireless LAN equipment at home and work place. 

As organizations adopt wireless RF and wireless LAN technology to gain competitive advantages of an increasingly mobile and productive workforce, they need qualified professionals who can design, install, support, troubleshoot and operate a wireless solution.

Introduction to Wireless Networking http://www.jidaw.com/certarticles/introwireless.html

Wireless Network Training / Certification http://www.jidaw.com/itsolutions/wirelesstrain.html




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