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The following jobs in Nigeria and career opportunities in Nigeria have been posted online. Please check and confirm expiry date for each vacancy or opportunity. 


Jidaw.com does not entertain correspondence in respect of the Jobs in Nigeria positions. Qualified Candidates should follow specified directives for each position.  

APPLICANTS BEWARE! Don't fall prey to job scams and fraudulent job/employment offers. For information on Avoiding Job scams and information security, please click the AVOID Job Scams link


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Career Opportunities / Job Vacancies



Data Entry Officer Ms Access Programming



IT Trainers Consultants Jobs Nigeria



OND Accountancy Vacancy in Nigeria



African Development Bank Internship Programme

Sep 15, 2010


IDRC 2011 Internship Awards


Sep 12, 2010


Prince2 Trainer / Consultant Wanted Nigeria



University of Lagos Job Vacancies


Sep 2, 2010


West African Health Young Professional Internship Program


Aug 27, 2010


Empowering Teachers MISTI MIT Initiative


Aug 13, 2010


Deloitte Graduate Jobs in Nigeria


Aug 5, 2010


UNODC Jobs Nigeria



UNDP Zonal Technical Assistants Job

Jul 31, 2010


ITU Programme Officer

Jul 30, 2010


UNIChealth Marketing Executive Jobs

Jul 29, 2010


Huawei Software Jobs in Nigeria

Jul 27, 2010


Database Manager

Jul 27, 2010


Lagos University Teaching Hospital Jobs Nigeria

Jul 15, 2010


ExxonMobil Nigeria Apprenticeship Program

Jul 13, 2010


Unilever Nigeria Future Leaders Programme

Jul 6, 2010


Servetek Management Trainee Programme

Jul 6, 2010


World Bank Young Professionals Program

Jun 30, 2010


FOSSFA Project Manager Job

Jun 30, 2010


Teachers Wanted Jobs Nigeria

Jun 30, 2010


Nigerian Press Council Graduate Jobs in Nigeria

Jun 29, 2010


Nigerian Press Council ICT Officer Job Nigeria

Jun 29, 2010


Saipem Graduate Jobs Nigeria

Jun 29, 2010


Imad Microfinance Jobs in Nigeria

Jun 22, 2010


UNDP Administrative Associate Nigeria

Jun 22, 2010


ITF NECA Technical Skills Development Project

Jun 15, 2010


International Telecommunication Union ITU Administrator Job


May 31, 2010


GSK Customer Service Jobs Nigeria

May 4, 2010


Inlaks Computers Engineer Jobs Nigeria

May 4, 2010


Site Engineer Jobs Nigeria



RTI International LGA Jobs Nigeria

April 30, 2010


Consultants Wanted for Niger Basin

April 9, 2010


Reddington hospital jobs in Nigeria

April 6, 2010


Swift Sales Engineer Job Nigeria

April 6, 2010


Program Analyst Data Processing Jobs Nigeria

April 6, 2010


Trainee Jobs Nigeria

April 6, 2010


Program Analyst Data Processing Jobs Nigeria

April 6, 2010


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Previously Posted Vacancies (NOW EXPIRED) 






Please check and confirm expiry date for each vacancy or opportunity. Posted vacancies are kept online for record and archival purposes.


Keep pressing on and plugging away with the right road map. 

We wish you the best in your job search efforts! 

  The Team @ Jidaw.com
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Jobs in Nigeria and Career Opportunities in Nigeria  Resource

This information is provided strictly for the convenience of individuals and organizations interested in exploring job and career opportunities in Nigeria. This information is provided as is without any express or implied warranties. While effort has been taken to ensure the accuracy of information contained in this guide, Jidaw.com assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions, or for damages for the use of the information contained herein.

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