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Don't gamble with Internet Service - the Best ISP in Nigeria Survey

Choose the Best Internet Service Provider in Nigeria
Today more than ever, the Internet Service Provider (ISP) plays a major part in determining the quality of our Internet experience.
Who really is the best ISP in Nigeria? Results of Survey - best ISP for the First Quarter of 2009 How has your experience been? Excellent, Good, Bad, Ugly? It's no secret that choice of ISP is one of the most frequently asked questions we receive. Now for the first time, Jidaw.com subscribers have answered this very important question..


best ISP for the First Quarter of 2009.

Several parameters can be used in choosing the best ISP - track record, user experience, coverage area, technical strength, responsiveness, user requirements, etc. And of course we know all respondents have not used the services of all the service providers. But this is an opinion survey. It is about what matters to the Jidaw.com subscribers that voted. Results of Survey - best ISP for the First Quarter of 2009

 The best and honest rating for YOU comes from your experience - sincere and unbiased. Is this rating system perfect? Who said so? That is not the essence. It is a USER EXPERIENCE SURVEY of ISPs in Nigeria. PEOPLE HAVE BEEN USING ISPs in Nigeria for several years. And For the First Quarter of 2009 - they have answered the question -  WHO WILL THEY CHOOSE AS THE BEST? WHO DO YOU CHOOSE AS THE BEST?

Remember best is relative. It is about the reality on the ground from the Jidaw audience and community. What works for THEM FROM THEIR EXPERIENCE. It is simply a survey based on user experience.

We invited comments as well. Some comments have been published online along with the results of the survey.

Simple question, but powerful implication. The way we look at it, You have your say and contribute to helping others through the Jidaw.com community. Results from your input, and the input of other members of the Jidaw.com community will be published online.


Results of Survey - best ISP for the First Quarter of 2009



We thank all who participated in the survey. For the first time, your choice gives us real data on opinions regarding Internet service in Nigeria. Surveys will be conducted for subsequent quarters.




The Team @ Jidaw.com

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