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Real Independence, ICT and Nigeria



As Nigeria observed its Independence anniversary, Jidaw's MD, Jide Awe, wrote on Real Independence, ICT and Nigeria. The following is a summary of his thoughts:


Oct 1, 2009 - Again, it's another 1st of October - Nigeria's Independence Day. But what is Nigeria celebrating - real or flag independence? Is Nigeria really independent if ICT is a bystander?  How is ICT helping to facilitate genuine sovereignty?

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ICT plays important roles both as a sector in its own right and as a contributor to key sectors of the economy. And various committed stakeholders participate daily in Nigeria's Information Technology (IT) and Telecom space.

Hope is not a strategy
The activities of stakeholders give Nigerians some hope. But hope is not enough. The question is how to achieve national objectives through ICT.  ICT is a tool not the objective.

Beyond GSM
Nigeria must move beyond GSM. The majority of the populace is still outside the digital loop. Can national objectives be achieved; can Nigeria truly be independent, if the economy is not knowledge driven? That is the question.

Software is at the heart of the global knowledge economy. Any nation that values its sovereignty must take software serious.

Human capital development
Sustainable growth in Nigeria's ICT sector will depend on its people. People are Nigeria's most important resource. Nigeria is Africa's most populous nation. But independence isn't just about numbers. What is the level and quality of human capital?

Most importantly, in education, we must simply disrespect the established status-quo.

Digital consumption is high, but what does Nigeria produce? The biggest market or the biggest producer? And in a world where job security is dead, in a climate of rising unemployment and the associated socio-economic problems, enterprise development is a necessity.

Broadband Initiatives
It is essential to encourage new broadband expansion initiatives. To fully benefit from these interventions it is also important to improve last mile connectivity nationwide.

Improving the Environment
But ICT is not a cure all. In fact if this sector is to be an engine for sustainable development, serious attention must be paid to creating an enabling environment which stimulates significant investment in the ICT sector and supports ICT and ICT enabled activities.

ICT Policy
What is the purpose of ICT in Nigeria? What is independence without purpose? Or are we simply spending money and shooting in the dark? The question of sustainability is always there. ICT must go somewhere. We must reject the action of a barber's chair.

Through policy implementation, the government must provide consistent, clearer and purposeful leadership to guide the national ICT agenda.
Way Forward
ICT is more than consumption. It offers Nigeria freedom, independence - a way to leapfrog into the knowledge economy and the information society. 
The challenges are enormous, and the sector is up against multiple obstacles in trying to achieve national objectives. However, as Nigeria marks the 49th anniversary of its independence it must face the future of ICT in Nigeria with confidence, energy and enthusiasm. There is no point moaning and complaining. We always have a choice. We can accept things as they are or work on making things better.

Individual initiatives in ICT are great. They indicate that the people of Nigeria reject digital slavery.

Beyond individual empowerment activities Nigerians must challenge leadership in all sectors and hold them accountable! Leaders must stop sleeping on the job. Strong and responsible leadership is required NOW to drive significant progress. True independence requires leadership that understands and appreciates the role of ICT. Independence is about a generation fulfilling its mission.

We wish the people and friends of Nigeria a happy anniversary and true independence. God bless the good people of Nigeria. God bless Nigeria.

The Team @ Jidaw.com

Sent on behalf of

Jidaw Systems Limited

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October 2, 2009


Akan Antia of Calabar, Cross River state, Nigeria says:


I thank for this detailed info. The problem however is with the leaders. Will they rise uo to their responsibilities. Thanks for the sensitization. God bless Nigeria. Amen.


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