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Invitation to Participate on ‘iSociety' a TV and Radio Programme

Dear Friends,

Many thanks to all who have shown interest in being part of the new exiting
project 'Information Society" A Television, Radio, and Publications project that
promotes the concept of information society and the WSIS agenda. 

Here is how you can be part of the Project.


The United Nations realizing the role information and communication technologies play in the developing process is convening a World Summit on Information Society (WSIS) in two phases. The first phase was held in December 2003 hosted by the Swiss Government and the second concluding phase is scheduled for Tunis, Tunisia in November 2005 to be hosted by the Tunisian Government. You can register to participate on www.wsis.org. It is important as this process develops that Africa not only participates but also benefits from emergent issues. The Information Society is a programme designed to bring to the African audience using television, radio and publications the various issues revolving round the development of an information society as well as highlighting issues on the agenda of the world summit.

The Information Society as a Television and Radio Programme is aimed at:
- Promoting the value and essence of access to information
- Monitoring trends in the development of information systems and
- Promoting the values of a knowledge economy
- Advancing social change predicated on information and learning
- Highlighting the benefits and challenges of globalization.


- Public Education
- Promoting Access to Information
- Highlighting the activities of major players
- Identify and proffer solutions to national and continual challenges
- Investment Promotion


- Information Technology and Computing Industry
- Library and Information Managers
- Educational and Religious Institutions
- Government Agencies and Institutions
- Private Sector Operators and Investors
- Multinational Corporations
- Students of ICT and Non-Profit Organizations
- the General Public 

What we expect of you:

In particular we would want you/your organization to contribute to the programme by either appearing on set (The programme is LIVE) or send us information, publications, video recordings of how Information and communication technologies has influenced or is influencing your work. 

We want you to tell us what it means to live/do business in an information society, what structures needs to be in place for an knowledge driven economy, as well as how your work helps to advance Africa (or specifically your country) as a Society built on knowledge, learning and information management Also what is at stake in our effort to be integrated into the global village (e.g. issues of sovereignty - have you ever wondered that decisions about certain policy directions in your country are made OUTSIDE your borders! 

Let me give another example: HIV/AIDS is a monster of a problem in Africa, but can ICT play a role in knowing and reporting one's status? Since stigmatization is a major obstacle to reporting one's status, could technology (Telemedicine, SMS, Interactive Websites not be a way out); We also think you can gather more statistics using ICT. We are also interested in success stories as well as opportunities and challenges. 

If you are in the Lagos area and wish to be part of the Studio audience, or you
want to share your story of how ICT is facilitating your work, please send us
and email and please be at the studios at least an hour before we go on air. If
outside, kindly send us materials showcasing how your work has been or will be influenced by ICT. 

Broadcasting days Mondays

Time: 5.00-6.00 pm. 
Venue: MiTV Studios, opposite State Secretariat, Alausa, Ikeja. (MITV is
available on DSTV, so can be received via satellite across the globe).

This programme will be anchored by a team that includes Adesuwa Onyenekwe (a leading national TV Broadcaster), Jide Awe (Jidaw Systems) and my humble self.

We look forward to working with you to build an information society of Nigeria
and indeed Africa. Bill Gates, the leader of the new information revolution has
rightly predicted that, the first half of the 21st Century should be and is
potentially the information and knowledge management age otherwise called the information society. We believe so and have made up our minds to help build one in this part of the world. 

Whilst awaiting your response, please accept the assurances of our highest

Yours sincerely,

Bankole Olubamise

Acting Executive Director,
Development Information Network
7, Adesoye Street, Mende, Maryland, Lagos.
Tel 234-1-7938327; Mob: 0802-315-6931

21-July 2005

The Information Society and Nigeria

(Click Here to take part in a survey on Nigeria's ICT policy).

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Visit the ICT Policy Resource Bank





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