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If you are interested in jobs in Nigeria and career opportunities in Nigeria, you will find the Jobs in Nigeria and career opportunity resource useful.

Nigeria Jobs - Jidaw produced the Jobs in Nigeria and Career Opportunity resource to meet the huge demand for jobs in Nigeria and career information in Nigeria. Where are the jobs in Nigeria, where are the career opportunities in the Nigerian economy? These resources are created to help you make and grow your career in Nigeria. 

There are no guarantees but we believe this resource greatly improves the quality of information available to interested individuals and organizations. Beware! AVOID Job Scams

Job Opportunities in Nigeria? Career? Interested? Then Dig IN and Dig DEEP. 


Job Tips for Fresh Graduates


Don't fly Blind - have a Job Search Strategy



Nigeria Computer Society - promoting change and development for all


Business Analyst Job in Nigeria; Sales Executive Jobs NCR; UN Information Systems Officer Job; ADB Network Engineer Job; Sales and Marketing Jobs in Nigeria for Innovative Solutions Trinity College Teaching Job Vacancies; Oil Industry Postgraduate Award 2012; Information Technology Deloitte Jobs Nigeria; Women in ICT Blog;


More Jobs in Nigeria and Job Opportunities in Nigeria (Complete list)



Nigeria Computers





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Overcoming Barriers to Job Search Success through education, knowledge, skills, personal support network, job search attitude, work experience

Interested in building your career in Nigeria? Looking for Nigeria jobs?


There are jobs in Nigeria. There is also competition. There are job opportunities in Nigeria. There are also challenges. No spoon-feeding.


You create career opportunity based on a combination of your know-how and your career advancement strategy.


And to get benefit, focus on self-empowerment not quick-fix handouts.


Jidaw's intention is not to spoon feed. It is simply to guide and inform so that you can Learn, Grow, Search, Find and Create by Your Own Effort.

Use these resources carefully, Do your research , Get creative, Be sensible and you're on your way. It helps to stay ahead of the crowd.

This resource is devoted to helping you find jobs in Nigeria and career opportunities in Nigeria.

We hope you find this resource useful. We wish you true and outstanding career fulfillment!

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>> Cisco CCNA Internetwork PLUS


Jobs in Nigeria  and Career Opportunity Resources

Engineering Associations and Institutions
Industry, Professional Associations / Institutes 
Human Resource and Recruitment Services 
Job Search Tips

Awards, Contests, Scholarships Nigeria

Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

GSM Telecom Companies Job resources

IT & Telecom Institutions and Networks
IT Companies
Internet Service Providers
Telecom Providers 
GSM Operators 
IT & Telecom Jobs Newsletter
IT Recruitment Services for Organizations
IT & Telecom JOB Vacancies

Oil and Gas Industry
Banks and Financial Services Industry
Management and Entrepreneurial Development
Manufacturing Industry 

Construction, Engineering and related

Cars and Automobile Industry

Africa Human Resource and Recruitment Sites 





A Very Useful Resource

Please note that many jobs in Nigeria and career opportunities in Nigeria are advertised weekly in The Guardian (Nigeria's Foremost Business Daily) on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Such opportunities are presently only available on the printed hardcopy of the newspaper


Beware! AVOID Job Scams

Project Management Training, Career & Opportunity

Project Management Certifications

This information is provided strictly for the convenience of individuals and organizations interested in exploring job and career opportunities in Nigeria. This information is provided as is without any express or implied warranties. While effort has been taken to ensure the accuracy of information contained in this guide, Jidaw.com assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions, or for damages for the use of the information contained herein.

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