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National Executive Council Election of Nigeria Computer Society, NCS for 2011-2013

Vote for Jide Awe for Publicity, Events and Trade Services Chairman!

Local Scientific Coordinator (LSC) is wanted for ISABEL 2011. The LSC will be responsible for the definition and the coordination of the Technical Programme (i.e., conference theme, tracks and topics; call for papers; committees, invited organizers and speakers; dissemination sources; review process; programme structure, etc.).

The LSC position was created to remove the burden of the overall practical organization and the risk therein involved from the so-called (Local) Organizing Committee. ISABEL has embraced a new vest by restructuring and renewing its internal organization, and by proposing its own model for organizing international conferences.

The Local Scientific Coordinator will elect its committee and will be titled General Chair of ISABEL 2011. The Local Scientific Coordinator's Institution will receive a percentage from the eventual profit, which will be negotiated on the base of the number of regular submissions received, the number of organizers (e.g., special sessions organizers) and speakers invited, and the number of patrons and sponsors successfully involved.

Note that ISABEL will provide project management support based on a consensual work/time plan and an internal initial training concerning ISABEL policies, guidelines and templates.

Read more and find all the required documentation for your candidature here.

http://www.isabelconference.com/pdf/ISABEL 2011 CANDIDATES PROPOSAL TEMPLATE.doc

Interested candidates are required to send all their material (i.e., forms, attachments and any additional information) electronically to secretariat@isabelconference.com by September 15, 2010.

The Board of Directors along with the International Scientific Committee will then gather and vision the information sent by all candidates and, on the base of strategic as well as scientific considerations, will decide who to elect Local Scientific Coordinator of ISABEL 2011.

The notifications will take place by September 30, 2010.

ISABEL has enormously evolved in 2010 and has emerged as one of the fastest-growing and leading emerging interdisciplinary conferences worldwide.


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"Nigeria Computer Society, NCS, the Voice of IT, the Future of IT, Moving Nigeria Forward"

Dear Colleagues,

In view of my decision to use my experiences and vision to expand my contributions in Information Technology, I have decided to seek your votes for the position of Chairman, Publicity, Events and Trade Services Committee for the period 2011 to 2013 at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and National Executive Council Election of the Nigeria Computer Society (NCS) on 29th July 2011 in Abuja.

I'm proud to be a fellow of the society and want to offer myself for even more service through this position to create a world class image for the NCS. I aim to work with members and fellow committees to create and maintain a positive image for NCS. Join me in raising the visibility and influence of the NCS.

Through the position of Chairman, Publicity, Events and Trade Services Committee, I will bring the activities of NCS to the attention of key stakeholders and the public and organize events to enhance the respectability and impact of NCS in society.

I have been an active member of NCS for a significant number of years which led to my being conferred with the NCS fellowship in 2009. As a member of NCS I have contributed in several ways including serving on the Education committee working on technical development, coordination and promotional aspects of youth empowerment, national IT Quiz programs, etc.

Being the national platform for the advancement of Information Technology, the NCS is the home of Nigeria's IT community. In view of the impact of technology in today's world the NCS's voice needs to be relevant and respected in ALL SECTORS. The Publicity, Events and Trade Services position is an opportunity to enhance the public image of NCS and get everyone interested in all what NCS has to offer in the drive for IT development in Nigeria.  

I founded Jidaw Systems Limited, a provider of IT education, consulting, and Internet content services. I have acquired significant experience and broad knowledge in the technical and management areas of IT while working in various capacities for organizations such as LM Ericsson, United Bank for Africa (UBA) and Ecobank PLC.

I am widely published and speak regularly on a range of IT policy, development, and human capital issues. I'm presently Contributing Editor of Computer.com (1st ICT Newspaper).  I developed and run Jidaw.com, a globally acknowledged web based initiative focused on IT development in Nigeria. It is an online initiative that continually promotes the activities of the NCS.

An alumnus of Loughborough University, I am a member of several professional organizations, including the Nigerian Society of Engineers and the Computer Professionals Registration Council. 

I have been a Team Member in the Science and Technology Policy Commission of the Nigerian Economic Summit Group and served as a Resource person for Nigeria's ICT for Development (ICT4D) Strategic Action Plan Committee, a Federal Government team tasked with the formulation and development of a roadmap for the implementation of the Nigerian ICT Policy.

I believe that NCS will strongly benefit from having a committed and involved Publicity, Events and Trade Services chairman to oversee and coordinate the promotion of NCS and its activities. With my professional interest and background as well as my experience in core aspects of publicizing events, I believe I am an excellent candidate for this position. I bring my willingness to experiment, communications skills, ability to deal with uncertainty and my commitment to serve.


My plan for the period 2011 to 2013 includes:

  • Organizing NCS events and ensuring relevant participation based on the interests of members relating to their advancement of Information Technology science and practice, and the demands of Nigerian society
  • Facilitating coverage of NCS events and activities employing modern media in a manner that significantly enhances the image and influence of NCS
  • Connect and engage with other technology bodies and stakeholders and promote activities that bring the IT community together to showcase and recognize the diverse talents of members and IT practitioners to facilitate local content development
  • Ensuring NCS communicates better with members using appropriate offline and online media on updates and forthcoming events
  • Grow the NCS community by ensuring that members benefit and are aware of how they can get involved within the society. Increasing commitment, encouraging team spirit and bonding amongst members is a priority.
  • Promoting trade services in the interest of members and Nigerian society
  • Stimulate interest in advancing the field of computing in the general community, especially amongst young people developing careers in IT
  • Making it a top priority to encourage new members to join NCS; making new and current members enthusiastic and interested in what NCS has to offer
  • Making NCS a respectable voice in the Nigerian society by taking a stand, promoting new thinking and knowledge sharing on critical national issues  
  • Ensuring NCS provides leadership in shaping the public's perception and the future of IT
  • Raising the profile of NCS in the community in such a way that generates support, commitment and sponsorship for its events and activities
  • Reporting and monitoring major activities undertaken in publicity, events and trade services to ensure coordination, effective growth and overall benefit to NCS, its members and Nigerian society. 


My antecedents, with all sense of humility, show how strongly I feel about the importance of the Nigeria Computer Society and IT as a platform for development. It will truly be a privilege to show my enthusiasm and commitment by serving in this capacity. I assure that once elected, I will dedicate myself fully to the task at hand.  

I know there will be challenges, but I am ready to think outside the box, be creative and use my commitment to serving others, self discipline and good time management to produce the best for NCS.

I count on your vote because my plans depend on your support! Together we can ensure NCS provides the needed leadership for the IT sector. "Nigeria Computer Society, NCS, the Voice of IT, the Future of IT, Moving Nigeria Forward". Together we must reclaim the brand that belongs to us. Together we will use IT to drive development in Nigeria. I will be counting on your votes.

I want to be a tireless promoter of NCS, what about you?



Jide Awe



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