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Success at VSAT Training Event

The last VSAT training was recently concluded in Lagos, Nigeria. It was very enlightening with intensive practical exercises. Participants attended from all over Nigeria, with international delegates from West Africa. It was a rich and quality audience with delegates from Ghana, Liberia, Ilorin, Zamfara, Kaduna, Abuja and Lagos. Of particular note was the sense of achievement that permeated the whole exercise.

The content and focus of the course included the following: Network Architecture, Network Concepts, Equipment terminology, Signal Transmission, Test Equipment, use of precision instruments, Site Survey, Site Building, Site Commissioning and Field Engineering Skills. Register for the next course here and Become a Certified VSAT Installer

VSATs are key components of modern telecommunications networks in Africa. The low cost and rapid deployment characteristics of VSAT systems have made them a natural choice for solving the telecommunication need that is growing fast in Africa. VSAT continues to provide opportunities for telephone, video, and Internet services.

The Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) Course provides the knowledge and hands-on experience necessary to install, operate, and maintain VSAT systems. 

It is for people who desire to start a new career in VSAT technology or those who want to expand their current skill base in related areas. Most participants were thrilled to be put through in a professional manner on the fundamentals of VSAT technology. Nothing could beat the satisfaction of installing, testing and operating VSAT in a live environment.

Since QKON is an accredited Cisco and Panamsat partner, that has completed VSAT and wireless connectivity projects in over 27 African countries. This is the ONLY event in Africa that brings VSAT value, learning, networking and opportunity together in one place. Do you want to be part of the current and future African Telecom boom? You MUST attend this event.

Panamsat Registration

At the end of the program all participants were registered with registered Q-KON as well as Panamsat, the world's premier satellite services company. Q-KON has completed projects in 27 of the Sub-Sahara countries and its engineering expertise is internationally acknowledged. Apart from the hands-on skills one acquires, this unique event makes it possible to become a Certified VSAT Installer. It's no wonder many attend the event from all of Africa.

An Excellent Networking Event

But it wasn't just a learning opportunity. What do you have when you have Engineers, VSAT providers, Consultants, Investors, ICT trainers, Vendors and new entrants to ICT all in one place? And with participants and facilitators from all over Africa? A great networking forum for the ICT industry! Networking opportunities were created as participants developed new contacts and prospects during the event. As a networking forum it threw up opportunities to build strategic partnerships and relationships. The atmosphere was one of sharing information, learning and communicating. Indeed it was also tagged "right meeting place for positive career and business growth". 

But don't just take our word for it, let's hear from the participants about the recent training exercise:

Participant: Mr Iguade Ifeanyi Michael, ICT Entrepreneur based in Ogba, Lagos

The program was excellent. I am fulfilled. I love the VSAT training and the approach which was friendly. You should try and and organize training of this nature more frequently. I was satisfied with all areas. I hope you continue in this direction to support service solutions. 

Participant: Williams Kollie Oye MCSE, MCDBA of IPMC, the largest IT Certification center in Accra, Ghana 

I was satisfied with VSAT site survey using inclinometer, using the smart tools, link star configuration, commissioning, peak and pole and finding RX &TX 
Participant: Kenneth Okaeme, Satellite Communications Engineer, Ikoyi, Lagos

I came to build up my knowledge in VSAT technology. It was wonderful and very comfortable. I was satisfied with setting up a dish, doing the necessary calculations required, how to use UnaOhm SBM105C Satellite Analog Digital Signal Analyser, e.t.c. 
Participant: Sani Abubakar Bukkuyum Engineer and Tech Specialist with Zamnet Computers & Internet cafe of Gusau, Zamfara State
Training of this nature should be conducted time to time to improve the level of Nigerian engineers. I was satisfied with all areas. I am interested in the Wireless Networking training. 
Participant: Aminu Nurudeen, Kwara State based ICT Engineer and Entrepreneur

I am satisfied, I have actually taken more than what I paid for. 

Participant: Burhanuddeen Abbas Mashi, ICT entrepreneur based in Kaduna 

I found the program very interesting and easier than expected. I was satisfied with the theory and the practical aspect. I enjoyed the VSAT training and I recommend it to anybody wishing to join the system. Please come to Kaduna and the Northern part of Nigeria. I am interested in the Wireless Networking program.

Participant: Lawal Isah Mayana Engineer and Tech Specialist with Zamnet Computers & Internet cafe of Gusau, Zamfara State

We hope to have more of this VSAT training in the future and to acquire more skills on Wireless RF networking courses too. The course was excellent and the resource persons were also excellent in performance. 

VSAT Engineer, Installer, Investor or Consultant? Interested in opportunity or career in this exciting area of telecom? It's time to measure up to global standards with training and certification with QKON and Panamsat, the world's premier satellite services company. Get more details here:

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