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3rd Nigerian Telecom Summit

The Nigerian Communications Commission pursuant to its regulatory functions and as a means of exploring new ways for the continuous development of the telecommunications industry in Nigeria has announced that the 3rd Nigerian Telecom Summit will now hold from Monday November 1st and Tuesday, November 2nd, 2004 at the Le Meridien Hotel, Abuja, Nigeria. It was earlier meant to hold on October 26-27, 2004 at the NICON Hilton Hotel, Abuja.

Nigeria is often identified as the fastest moving economy and one of the most advanced ICT market sectors in the Africa. The Nigerian Telecom summit is Nigeria's annual high level event on telecommunications policy direction and development hosted by the regulator of Nigeria's Telecom industry - the Nigerian Communications Commission, NCC. 

According to the NCC, the 3rd Nigeria Telecom Summit event will as usual stimulate dialogue on issues affecting the development of clear and fair policies that would protect stakeholders' interest, ensure efficient resource management, facilitate industry best practices and ultimately enhance delivery of affordable quality telecom services to Nigerians."

Participants to the summit would include Chief Executives, as well as Senior Management Executives of Telecoms operating companies; Manufacturers, Telecom Consumer Associations, Financial Institutions and International Telecom Consultants.


According to the Minister for Communications, Chief Cornelius Adebayo, "The new environment in Nigeria is witnessing healthy competition, increased sector investment, greater consumer awareness, improved quality of services offered, better choices for the public and more widespread availability of telecom services across the country. The federal government is making Nigeria more secure and providing more and more conducive business environment to further attract foreign investments. With all these in place, Nigeria is having a cost effective, accessible and efficient telecommunications environment."

This is not just government talk. Nigeria's telecom infrastructure story and growth has been a revelation to the whole world. From zero to hero. Today Nigeria has about five million mobile lines and about one million fixed lines, compared with just about 450,000 working lines from Nigerian Telecommunications Limited (NITEL) three years ago. Many say the surface has only just been scratched. So where is Nigeria heading with telecom?

If you want to have an idea of where Telecomm is going in Nigeria, you should be there. Which issues are likely to attract attention at this summit? 

- New technologies which constitute opportunities and threats for investment.  VOIP, WI-fi, Wimax, Broadband technologies etc

- Development of human capital. Already the NCC has responded to this need by setting up the Digital Bridge Institute. But is this enough?

- The Nitel and Pentascope Palaver

- Rural telephony. The GSM explosion is still mainly felt in the urban areas.

- Unexecuted Fixed Wireless Access licenses. Only 6 of the 25 licensees are known to have rolled out any form of services.

- SAT 3

- Consistent government policy especially with respect to duties, multiple taxation and incentives

- Research and Development. Are Nigerians going to be perpetual consumers or active participants in the Telecom revolution?

- Quality of service and monitoring efficiency. Availability is growing but quality of service is not keeping up.

The Nigerian Telecom Summit presents an opportunity to be updated with the knowledge (opportunities, challenges and unique attributes) of the industry, and  for personal networking with participants in this exciting industry.


For more information about the Summit Contact:

The Nigerian Communications Commission

URL: http://www.ncc.gov.ng

E-mail: ncc@ncc.gov.ng


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