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IT News Announcement: Records and Information Management Awareness Workshop, Awards & Exposition - RIMAW 2008 in Lagos, Nigeria

August 2008 - The 2008 Records and Information Management Awareness Workshop, Awards and
Exposition was held on August 29th and 30th 2008.at the Sheraton Hotel, Lagos, Nigeria.

RIMAW 2008 focused on providing organisations and professionals with information on the latest trends, best-in-class case studies, comparisons of technologies, cost-saving implementations and the best insights to managing and securing information.

In line with RIMAW's vision part of which is aimed at ensuring the sustenance of a culture of maintenance of data integrity by users of information, RIMAW organized the 2008 edition of the RIMAW event, on August 29th and 30th 2008.

In addition to the regular workshop component of the event, this year's edition featured an awards and exposition programme where business data management technology products were exhibited by a number of world class providers of business and information systems.

The theme for the 2008 event is tagged; "Enhancing business ethics through proper management and security of records/information"
The event organised by RIMAW foundation, debuted in 2004 and since then has remained the number 1 event in the information management and security sector of the ICT industry. It gathers information management and security professionals and other stakeholders to witness how those who inculcate the culture of keeping accurate records, properly managed information and technologically guard against loss of valuable information in their various organisations are encouraged to keep it up, with meaningful recognition.

RIMAW foundation is a non governmental organisation with a mission to promote management and security of information in the society for the benefit of humanity and at large. The foundation, among other things, create awareness about information manage products and services as well as bringing together knowledgeable professionals and enabling them share their wealth of experience with others to improve information management in public and private organisations.
RIMAW's workshop and exhibition showcases educational programmes, exposition and award enterprise content and information management and security related issues, even while providing direct access to nearly every solution provider in the country.

Several Guest speakers made presentations at the event on a wide variety of topics related to information management and security. Jide Awe, Founder, Jidaw.com was nominated as a Guest Speaker for the event. He spoke on the topic "Information Management as a Tool for SMEs Development in Nigeria." Dr Jide Ayeni, DG, Certified Institute of Information & Records management spoke on "Enhancing business ethics through proper management and security of information. Segun Akano MD Upperlink Limited talked about "National Identity Infrastructure - Threat or Business Opportunity." David Isiavwe Head, Internal Audit, UBA spoke on "Online Banking in Nigeria: Protecting online transactions in Banks".
According to Oyedokun A. Oyewole, President of RIMA Foundation, "Guest speakers were chosen in recognition of the major contribution they had have made towards promoting the very important roles played by values and ethics, and their positive influence on diverse areas of human endeavor, irrespective of whether they are business related or not".

Jidaw commends RIMAW on this initiative and the good work being done in this interesting and dynamic field of endeavour..

For more information on RIMAW and other ICT4D policy resources for Nigeria, click the following link: ICT4D Policy Resources Nigeria 


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