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IT News Announcement: MWEB Africa Launches Business Wi-Fi over VSAT & WiMax

Feb 2009 - MWEB Africa has announced the the launch of their Business Wi-Fi solution across 26 countries. MWEB Africa , a leading Internet Service provider in Africa offering innovative technologies across broadband technologies such as WiMax and VSAT, now adds this commercial Wi-Fi "hotspot in a box solution" to their array of product technologies for the African continent.

According to the release from MWEB, "The service was officially launched on 23 February 2009 and will give owners at hotels, lodges, restaurants and café's the ability to provide internet services to their patrons. Users of this service can purchase various preconfigured voucher denominations from the hotspot owner with varying time durations and megabyte caps "MWEB Africa offers an out the box turnkey solution that includes billing capability, access control and internet connectivity over our VSAT and WiMax infrastructures. It also offers a hotspot owner the opportunity to expand their business revenues by attracting more clients to their core business" says Harry Aucamp CEO of MWEB Africa.

MWEB's Wi-Fi solution offers a captive portal that automatically loads when a Wi-Fi user connects to the hotspot and can be customised according to the hotspot owner's requirements. This represents a great opportunity for a hotspot owner to promote his brand. A hotspot owner may even rent out space on the captive portal at a premium to third parties, increasing the potential to earn further revenue from the hotspot.

"Our Wi-Fi service boasts a fully customised and brandable Wi-fi solution so that the hotspot owner can offer customers a unique experience by showcasing their brand on customised login pages, as well as the use of marketing material for the venue owner", says Aucamp.

It will also allow a walled garden facility that permits the hotspot owner to set free internet sites which customers can access, as well as configure "free" browsing time feature, where guests, at the discretion of the hotspot owner, can access the internet free of charge for a stipulated time.

Aucamp also stated, "Our hotspot solution linked to our VSAT platform is ideal for lodges and businesses that may not have access to traditional fixed line internet services. With our wide satellite coverage to over 26 countries across sub-Sahara Africa , this product will fit well.".

Wi-fi offers users unprecedented convenience as they are able to connect to the internet seamlessly and quickly anywhere there is Wi-Fi access available. No cables, no LAN points, means this is a truly portable technology that is available in most new laptops and portable devices.

"We are seeing increased demand for the internet and MWEB Africa is continuously pioneering new technologies to deliver new internet access solutions in Africa" Mr Aucamp said.

The solution can be used across many sectors including education, travel and tourism, food & beverage, financial services and services and manufacturing. Globally large conference venues and shopping malls have readily adopted this technology as well. International trends have also revealed an increase in the health & beauty, property and business sectors where hospitals, new housing estates and companies are employing Wi-Fi for mobile PC users.

MWEB Africa has developed a range of hotspot packages to suite the size of the businesses requiring the hotspot. Entry-level systems support 10 users are while there are also high-end configurations that can support hundreds of users."

For any information on MWEB Africa's Business Wi-Fi solution over VSAT and WiMAX contact Saras Chinsamy on 2721 596 8238" ; Fax: 27 21 596 8420; Mobile: 27 72 456 4578


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