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CompTIA Offers New Opportunity in Linux

Initially, for the next eight weeks, anyone interested in demonstrating that he or she has the equivalent of six to 12 months of experience with the latest Linux applications can do so for $75 by passing the CompTIA Linux+ beta exam. A beta version of CompTIA's revised entry level Linux+ exam is now available. And instead of the initial beta period of eight weeks, the Linux+ beta has recently been extended till December 31, 2004.

CompTIA Linux+, which according to a recent survey by CRN magazine is
the fastest growing vendor-neutral certification in the solutions provider sales channel, is being significantly updated. CompTIA had annoced that a major revision of the Linux+ would be introduced late in the fourth
quarter of 2004. More than 75 percent of the topics covered and knowledge required to pass the current exam are being changed in the new version to reflect an expanding range of Linux job tasks. 

CompTIA Linux+ will also be certifying an equivalent experience of 6 to 12 months with Linux, up from the current experience level of 6 months. According to CompTIA, "The objectives of the exam have been extensively revised based on a global analysis of required job skills. The most notable differences between the current and future exam are the additions of sections on security and documentation and a significant decrease in the emphasis on hardware". 

"The revised Linux+ exam is a great way for individuals to validate
foundational Linux skills and prepare the ground for career advancement," said Gene Salois, vice president, Certification, CompTIA.


"The revised Linux+ exam is right on target for demonstrating current
job skills and the beta exam gives those who have the necessary
experience a bargain-price means of validating knowledge mastery
through a valuable and respected vendor-neutral certification." 

Those passing the CompTIA Linux+ 2004 exam will demonstrate knowledge mastery required to provide basic installation, operation, security, administration, and troubleshooting services for the Linux operating system on workstations and servers. Roughly 19 percent of the 2004 Linux+ exam covers installation, 20 percent configuration, 26 percent management and maintenance, 21 percent security, six percent
documentation, and eight percent Linux hardware. 

Certification candidates are encouraged to sign up online as soon as possible for the CompTIA Linux+ beta exam with either the Pearson VUE or Thomson Prometric testing organizations, referencing exam ID # XK1-002.


CompTIA urges candidates to carefully review the certification
objectives prior to taking the exam and to use the objectives as an
effective content study guide. Linux+ objectives and exam related
information, including links to Pearson VUE and Thomson Prometric are
posted on the CompTIA website.

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