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Grace Schools - Top Secondary School & # 1 Sponsor/Promoter of IT Security and Education for Children in Nigeria

29 May 2010 - Grace Schools, located in Gbagada, Lagos, Nigeria, one of the leading secondary schools in Nigeria has once again shown its commitment to promoting Information Security and Education in Nigeria. Grace Schools played host to the African Children Cyber Safety Forum 2010 held on May 25, 2010.

Just like the 2009, the 2010 forum was globally recognized through the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) as one of the Worldwide Initiatives organized to mark the 2010 World Telecommunications and Information Society Day (WTISD).

The ITU is the leading United Nations agency for information and communication technology issues. The African Children Cyber Safety Initiative ACCSI   marked the 2010 WTISD through the "Better City, Better Life and Security with ICTs for Young People" Forum.

Grace Schools proved to be an exceptional host in the manner in which it ensured that the program was hitch free. Not only did Grace Schools make all the necessary equipment available in a conducive environment, this amazing institution also provided all the food, drinks and refreshments for all students, speakers, guests and participants that attended the event.


Grace the Host

Grace Schools was chosen as the host organization of the event by the African Information Security Association (AISA) in view of the performance and prominence of Grace Schools in the development of ICT in Education. Through its forward looking activities, Grace schools constantly indicates desire for quality and innovation in Information Technology and Education in Nigeria

Grace Schools is noted for its leadership and achievements over the years in utilizing Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in Education as well as its role in equipping of children and young people to excel in the digitally driven world. It is commendable that Grace Schools singlehandedly hosted the 2009 Information Technology Competition for Lagos State Schools. The participation of Grace Schools students at several local and national ICT events has been impressive. In 2009, Grace Schools students participated actively along with several schools in marking the WTISD which had the theme: "Protecting children in cyberspace". This led to the African Children Cyber Safety Initiative.


A Shining Star

Interestingly while Grace Schools stood out through its provision of unprecedented support, other organizations involved with children and education in Nigeria did not meet expectations. Curiously such organizations depend on children and the education sector for survival and growth. What is the point in dominating the media landscape if we don't do our bit to meet the needs of the children when it matters most? We all need to be involved in preparing children and young people for a better future with ICT and in their protection online. It is hoped that the laudable example of Grace Schools will be emulated by such organizations in future.

Grace Schools is commended for all its achievements so far in developing ICT in Education and promoting Information Security in Africa. May Grace Schools continue to play its leadership role in Nigeria's educational sector.


Grace Schools - Keep pressing on

Founded in 1968, the School has grown into two exceptional schools - Grace Children School and Grace High School.
Core values of this 21st century school are: "Discipline, Commitment, Diligence and Spiritual Development". According to its statement of purpose, Grace Schools are committed to providing complete and quality education with a view to turning out well-groomed scholars that will contribute immensely to the society.
A school of great students, teachers and administrators, it is a purpose built school with state of the art facilities. Its classrooms are well kept and well equipped. Teachers of Grace Schools are qualified, with the school adopting a lifelong learning approach to constantly improve teaching and administrative skills to meet global levels.
Creative, smart, caring, dependable, intelligent, inquisitive are the words used to describe products of these schools.

Grace Schools CONTACT

Grace Schools, Plot 241 Ajidagan Street, Gbagada, Lagos State,Nigeria.

Telephone: 7415303, 0802 306 1195,
7748 574, 8162 109, 8153 304,
+234 1 7732 242, 7748 483.

E-mail: admissions
< add @graceschools.net to create a full e-mail address >


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January 26, 2011


Margaret Olugbaro of Luton, United Kingdom says:



Well done Grace Schools!

I saw this article about Grace Schools being an ICT pioneer and I was really happy. I used to work at the school and I can confidently recommend it to any parent who desires quality education for their child. The facilities are available and accessible to the students. The Administrator tirelessly looks for ways of giving parents value for their money. Kudos to you!



May 30, 2010


Nnana Ngwu of Abuja, FCT, Nigeria says:



Grace schools you are too much! I'm really impressed. Jidaw you need to keep on giving us news of such unsung heroes. We need more of such people and organizations in Nigeria. Kudos to Grace Schools. May your light never go dim.



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