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eINDIA 2009 Aug 03, 2009 - Aug 06, 2009

13-02-2009 - eINDIA 2009 is India's largest annual Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Event (Conference and Exhibition) bringing together practitioners, civil society, international development agencies, donors, private sector, government in one platform for knowledge sharing on thematic tracks.

India's Largest event on Information and Communication Technologies

This three-day international conference and exhibition is a unique platform for knowledge sharing in different domains of ICT for development and facilitates multi-stakeholder partnerships and networking among governments, industry, academia and civil society organisations of different countries, including the host country- India.

The objective is to bring together ICT experts, practitioners, business leaders and stakeholders of the region onto one platform, through keynote addresses, paper presentations, thematic workshops and exhibitions. In short, the event provides an excellent opportunity for participants to interact with a wide and diverse development community.

eINDIA 2009, through its four seminal conferences, will focus on four emerging application domains of ICT for Development - e-Government, ICT in Education, ICT and Rural Development, and ICT enabled Health services.

The four conferences - namely:

  • egov India
  • digital learning India
  • eHealth India
  • Indian Telecentre Forum


The event will allow people and organisations working in apparently isolated domains of ICTD, to engage in mutual experience sharing and enable them to build an understanding of convergent issues in development. The eINDIA platform has brought together experts not only from India and Asia, but also from other continents, including Africa, Latin America, Europe and North America. The cross-country sharing of experiences and regional specificities has always ensured that new and possible collaborations are discussed and forged.

The eINDIA Forum has always provided a stimulating and invigorating environment, starting from eINDIA 2005 through eINDIA 2008, allowing different stakeholders to learn from peers and experts representing different sectors. eINDIA 2008 apart from being co-organised by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Government of India, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India and UN GAID, also received overwhelming support from key ministries namely the Ministry of Agriculture, and the Ministry of Panchayati Raj. It saw 320 speakers across 7 thematic tracks and a participation of around 1500 delegates from more than 35 countries.

The Forum has also been extended to different Asian regions and has been hosted by different Asian countries along with CSDMS. eASIA 2008 organised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, eASIA2007 organised in Putrajaya, Malaysia, and eASIA2006 held in Bangkok, Thailand witnessed interactive sessions with an interesting mix of participants leading to knowledge exchange, collaborations and refinement of perspectives.

eINDIA 2009 will also serve as an exhibition host to some of the latest e-solutions, services, initiatives and case studies from across India and beyond. Over 120 exhibitors from professional service providers, technology vendors, consulting firms, government agencies and national/international development organizations will participate in the exhibition.

Call For Papers : eINDIA 2009

eINDIA 2009 seeks abstracts/ proposal(s) for speakers who illustrate innovation in using information and communication technologies for development, by 15 April 2009.

Proposals should fit the context(s) of any of the six tracks (conferences) and individual speakers representing an innovative organization, project or work should indicate how their projects, or organizations demonstrate innovation in applying information and communication technologies for development.


Abstract Submission: 15th April 2009

Notification of Acceptance of Abstract: 15th May 2009

Full Paper Submission: 30th June 2009

Submit your abstracts/proposals at papers@eINDIA.net.in

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February 13, 2009


Daniel T. of Port Harcourt, Rivers State says:



India has certainly made giant strides. Hope other countries can share their experiences and it will be organized.



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