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IT News Announcement: CTO 2008 hosted by the U.S. Commercial Service Nigeria on May 12 - 16, 2008 at the MUSON Center, 8/9 Marina - Onikan, Lagos, Nigeria

The U.S. Commercial Service Nigeria will host CTO 2008 from May 12 - 16, 2008, at the MUSON Center in Lagos. The Theme of CTO 2008 is A World Without Borders  The CTO exhibitions and seminars are the largest in West Africa where local companies representing or working with U.S. suppliers and manufacturers of computers, telecommunications and office equipment showcase the very best of American technology, equipment and services available in Nigeria for the sub-region.

CTO exhibitions features an all-day, special-event seminar on the first day and a four-day exhibition with private seminars, workshops, product/service launching and demonstrations.

According to promotional material from the US Commercial Service, "CTO 2008 focuses on telemedicine, distance learning, and on-line transactions. Other sub-themes include cyber-crime, e-governance, electronic tracking systems, e-ticketing, and e-banking. Specifically, it is about trade and investment opportunities offered by the triple-play of voice, data and video technologies, products and services. CTO 2008 seminars will feature local and international experts, particularly those with professional experience in electronics transaction and infrastructure development. The exhibition and seminars are open to the public, but attendees younger than 18 years old are not permitted on the exhibit floor, except on May 14, 2008, reserved for youth empowerment programs.

CTO seminars help policy makers, industry leaders and professionals see the future first. They provide a unique platform for local and international experts to interact on critical issues, especially those related to technology diffusion, bilateral relations and market dynamics".

CTO 2008 will highlight and feature U.S. technologies, equipment and services that Nigeria needs to to empower its citizens and for local area development via telemedicine, distance learning and other electronic facilities. It is aimed at exploring opportunities for Nigeria to utilize the technology driven environment to improve the quality of life of its citizens.

The cost of participation in the exhibition is 200,000 Naira, payable in bank draft to the U.S. Consulate General Lagos. The cost covers event documentation, promotion, and construction. It includes one self-contained, 3x3 square meter exhibit booth (5 booths maximum may be purchased), a table, two chairs, general security at the event site, and participation in the seminars. Potential exhibitors must note that the U.S. Commercial Service has the exclusive right to decide space and booth allocation and to determine who participates in CTO 2008.

For CTO 2008 registration, send your payment and one-page company profile by courier, email, or by hand delivery to Budget/Admin Assistant Dominica Nwosu, Tel: 2610241, Fax: 2619856 Dominica.Nwosu@mail.doc.gov before March 28, 2008. For companies new to the U.S. Commercial Service, basic registration is mandatory at www.buyusa.gov/nigeria . If you require any clarification or assistance on the registration process, contact Commercial Assistant Folashade Egbayielo, Email: Folashade.Egbaiyelo@mail.doc.gov 

Organizations that wish to participate in CTO 2008 as event partners or facilitators may send an expression of interest to Senior Commercial Specialist Anayo Agu, who coordinates the event planning and manages the exhibition. Tel: 01-2610241 Email:  Anayo.Agu@mail.doc.gov.

The information on this page is provided on Information Technology, Information and Communications Technology (ICT) News by Jidaw as a community effort to spread awareness on developments in the digital knowledge based environment of technology. DEVELOPMENT REQUIRES THAT WE MUST DEMYSTIFY ICT AND TECHNOLOGY. It is contributed to help reduce the digital divides in society and enhance understanding about how to use ICT to drive development.

CLOSE THE DIGITAL DIVIDE TIP: Digital literacy and inclusion means that we are all part of the knowledge society. We all must have skills that are required by the knowledge society. In your own sphere of life how are you using ICT to better your opportunities, to improve your performance?  If you are not using ICT you cannot perform at your BEST in today's society. Don't be left out.   




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