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Nestle Nigeria PLC is part of the Nestle Group, the world's leading Food, Nutrition, Health and Wellness Company renowned for its high quality products. From time to time Nestle offers challenging job and career opportunities in furtherance of its focused business strategy.

The manufacturing giant, Nestle with headquarters in Switzerland has its main head office in Nigeria at Ilupeju, Lagos, with factories in Agbara. In view of its large scale operations in Nigeria it offers quite a few job and career opportunities in Nigeria.

Why should you consider Nestlé Nigeria?


Nestlé Nigeria a leader in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector has provided opportunities of growth and employment to many in Nigeria including office workers, management staff, work professionals, IT specialists, farmers, suppliers of packaging materials, services and other goods.



New Factory and Plant Expansion for more jobs


The opening of the Flowergate factory and plant expansion in Sagamu will be primarily dedicated to the production of Maggi products, and as Nestlé's 27th factory in Africa, it will offer jobs to 180 people and indirect jobs to hundreds more. Interestingly the factory also has potential for the production of other Nestlé products in the next phase of future expansion.

Nestle's size means it offers interesting and attractive office work, field assignments, worldwide projects, and initiatives Globally Nestlé employs around 265,000 people.


Employing around 3,300 people, facilities under Nestlé Nigeria also include the Agbara Manufacturing Complex and the Otta distribution centre.


A leader in Nigeria's food and beverage industry Nestle serves the Nigerian market through food products that include the popular Maggi food seasoning product. Nestle Nigeria Plc products include infant cereals, family cereals, beverage drinks, confectionery, seasoning, sauces, table water, coffee, and milk products.


Apart from the hugely popular Maggi seasoning other products consumed by Nigerians in large include Nestle Golden Morn, Nestle Milo, Nestle Chocomilo,  Cerelac, Nestle Pure Life and Nescafe.



Local and International Career Opportunities

Nestlé, a global company employing people from 100 different nationalities, offers candidates both local and international career opportunities.

Interestingly every year Nestle provides entry level positions for international career opportunities. This program is geared towards top young graduates through its Nestle International Graduate program

However, though Nestle provides global career opportunities through its International Graduate program, Nestlé operates on the principle of decentralization, which means each country office is responsible for its operations including the employment of its staff.

Working at Nestle in Nigeria

If you are interested in working with this leading food products manufacturing company in Nigeria look out for job adverts and announcements usually published in leading newspapers in Nigeria. You can also enquire about job vacancies directly from the Nestlé head office or to any Nestle office in your environment.

Nestlé Nigeria Plc Head office address is: 22/24 Industrial Avenue, Ilupeju, PMB 21164, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria

Nestlé Nigeria is part of Nestlé's Central and Africa Region (CWAR) which has its  headquarters in Accra, Ghana.


Share these insights on Jobs and Careers in Nigeria with others because You will be Sharing the gift of information!



Share these insights on Jobs and Careers in Nigeria with others because You will be Sharing the gift of information!


The information on this page is provided on Jobs and Careers in Nigeria by Jidaw as a community effort to meet the huge public need in the areas of employment and entrepreneurship.  It is contributed to help reduce the level of unemployment nationally and highlight prospects for empowerment.

JOB SEARCH TIP: How well are you using your Network? Did you know that many jobs are not advertised? Keep networking at all times everywhere. Use your network effectively by letting members of your network know what you're looking for. And to make sure the network works for you, don't be a "receive only". Make sure you also make meaningful contributions to the network.


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