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Are you interested in a career in IT, but you're not quite sure how to get started? Or are you already in IT and want to know what it takes to advance your career and take advantage of opportunities in the digital age,
Well, you've come to right place. The IT career guide will show you how you can succeed in your IT career. It is your one stop resource bank for your IT career needs.

"Start your IT Career… Plan your IT Career… Advance your IT Career… Without wasting your time and money"

And just in case you're new to the exciting and vibrant world of Information Technology, here are the facts:

Information technology has affected every area of our lives. IT has been described as the fastest growing and most dynamic industry in the world. Significant advances in Communications technology, most especially the Internet, have introduced dramatic changes in the way we do things. IT affects the way we live, work, interact and socialize.
Initially, PCs revolutionized how businesses are run, but today, computers deepest impact is felt in the merging of Communications and Information. The emergence of the World Wide Web and the explosion of Internet usage are having far-reaching effects on all aspects of society.

Success and progress in all spheres of life, is now driven by Information and Technology.

In today's world, Computers are essential tools for any type of business - social, educational or commercial. As the usage of Information Technology (IT) developed, there has been a corresponding need to acquire skills and knowledge for effective utilization of IT. Computer literacy is a necessity, not a luxury in the emerging Information world.

But today IT education is not for the user only. The evolving scenario is one of a growing complexity of computer systems and businesses dependence on them. Qualified and competent IT professionals are needed to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of computers. The widespread effect of the Internet can also not be overlooked.

Why IT Career
All sectors of the economy require the services of skilled technical IT people. Professionals are required in areas such as programming, engineering, database, information warehousing, Internet and E-Commerce. These professionals can either be in-house in an organization or provide services from outside. But IT skills demand far outstrips supply. Current IT skills shortage worldwide is enormous. Skilled professionals are urgently needed to create, operate, maintain and program computers.
IT professionals are the force behind the IT revolution.

High Demand Areas of IT
Before we go on, let's take a brief look at some high demand areas of IT

Technical and Computer Support
Professionals who work in this area are often involved in PC repair, maintenance, installation, configuring or upgrading.

Tech Support Links / Resources

The whole world is getting more and networked through computers. Network professionals install networks and see to the proper functioning of computer networks.

Web Design and Internet
Web sites are coming up all the time all over the world. Professionals in this area design, maintain and develop web pages and link them to the Internet.

Computer Programming
Programmers write the programs we use on the computers everyday. Examples of such programs are word processors, operating systems, games, etc.

Programming Lin ks / Resources

Database Design and Administration
In the digital world we all depend on databases for vital information. Database experts make sure we all have secure and timely access to and storage of vital data.

DBA Links / Resources

I'm sure you can see why competent professionals these areas are in high demand. IT would simply not function without them.

Some of the benefits of having a career in IT should be obvious to you.

I'm sure you already know that, these days, it is important you have a career that allows you to grow and enables you to meet your needs and responsibilities - now and in future.
KEY POINT: I must quickly warn that an IT career is not for everyone. You must have genuine interest in the IT profession and then of course you needs lots of knowledge and insight of what you're going into.


But if you're interested… What are benefits of an IT Career?

* Job and work opportunities abound for competent IT professionals.
* The digital revolution has also created a global market for qualified professionals. You have unlimited options as to where you live.
* IT work is interesting and challenging as it often involves innovation, problem solving or income generation.
* You can shape the future. Some IT careers allow you to work with and develop the latest technology.
* Flexibility. It is an area that allows you to balance your personal lifestyle and your professional needs
* The pay is good. It is a question of demand and supply. Professionals are needed to create, operate, maintain and program computers. Demand far outstrips supply. Businesses are willing to pay well for competent IT professionals.

Sounds great, right? Well, it is! An IT career can be very rewarding and fulfilling.

Unfortunately, succeeding in IT is not automatic. Why is it that many IT professionals do not enjoy the benefits we listed earlier? There is still one huge dilemma that anyone who wants to succeed in IT must face...

How Do You Make the Right Career Decisions... So That you don't find yourself stuck with a job or work that you find boring, disappointing or frustrating… So That you don't end up wasting your time, resources and opportunities?

Decision making in IT is far from being straightforward to all because of the many career options. This can be confusing and intimidating to newcomers and even on-the-job professionals considering the complexities and requirements of each area.
Some gamble with these important decisions that affect their lives. But many people in IT or about to enter IT simply use faulty ideas and inadequate information to take important career decisions. A very common cause of career failure is lack of information.

You face problems such as:

Which IT area should I go into?

Which training or certification will advance my career?

What career challenges will I face in my desired area of IT?

Should I go for certification or a college degree?

Which IT area fits my personality profile?

How do I plan my career?

And it doesn't take a genius to realize that spending time and money on wrong career moves can never result in career success.

On countless occasions, I have had to counsel individuals who have either spent all their money on worthless certifications, or who are pursuing IT professions without a clue of what the profession entails.

IT Career Guide
And we are providing career solutions with the IT career guide.
The aim of the IT career guide is to arm you with information, advice and tips that will help you advance your career. Period! You need to make the right career moves to enjoy the benefits of an IT career and to succeed in your career.
Note: We will give the advice, information and tips, but you need to have the drive and be sufficiently motivated to succeed in your IT career. Nobody can do that for you.

With the IT career guide, you're taking conscious steps to advance your IT career in the right direction. Here's why:

Key Benefit - Information, Information and Information

The IT news and career center is loaded with useful career tips, advice and solutions to your career problems. Ignorance is the monster affecting career progress of many. But with information you can make wise and informed decisions.

Other Benefits:

* Regular updates of career, certification and related news

* IT Career planning

* IT Career Advancement techniques

Grow and develop your IT Career in the right direction.

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IT Career: Success: The choice is yours

Jidaw Systems, a leading IT Certification and Career center has just launched a new IT career initiative in Nigeria. The scheme dubbed the "IT Career forum" is an info event for those who aim to succeed in the IT profession. The principal aim of the IT career series is to provide practical solutions to IT career problems.
Though the scope of the IT industry is quite wide, the focus of the career forum will be on the areas of high demand. Areas such as Networking, Web Development and Internet services, PC Support and maintenance, Programming and Data base Management amongst others.

Jidaw Systems Limited (MASTERCOMPUTERS) will look at the critical success factors that individuals must consider when choosing an IT career path. Issues to be handled include: What it takes to be successful in IT, Tools and resources needed to build a successful IT career, Career advancement skills and strategies, Requirements (technical, social & personality requirements), How to take your IT career to the next level, Where the jobs are and how to get them, Job or Career, Relevant certifications, etc.

Certification for Career Success

Certification is one way of acquiring the skills and knowledge needed by IT Professionals. But you will be making a mistake going for a certification without any knowledge of what it entails and how it fits into your career plan.

As part of the IT Career series, Jidaw organizes Certification seminars, that have a career focus.

These seminars aim to show you how to take careful, meaningful certification steps, as you acquire the required experience, in line with a realistic career plan.

Here are the ongoing Certification seminars:

A+ Certification / Tech Support Seminar

Already Jidaw has been organizing A+ Certification / Tech Support seminars which started in September 2002. This career forum addresses the area of PC, Computer and Technical Support, which covers PC Repair, Upgrading, Maintenance, and Helpdesk amongst others.

For more information on the A+ / Tech Support seminar click here:

Network Certification Seminar

Networking is one of the most popular areas of IT that has also closely embraced certification. Jidaw's Network Certification looks at three key Network certification programs: Network + developed by the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA), Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) from Cisco and Microsoft Certified System Engineer / Professional (MCSE/MCP) from Microsoft.

For more information on the Network Certification seminar click here:

These forums will not only be used to put an end to the widespread ignorance and confusion prevailing in the industry, but are also intended to support Nigeria's IT policy that aims to produce highly skilled IT personnel.

People who desire a career in IT should therefore use this avenue to obtain quality career information and advice on what it takes to succeed as an IT professional. Jidaw Systems is an accredited training provider in Nigeria that has an enviable track record in IT certification, Training and Career services. Jidaw Systems Limited, developed and runs, Nigeria's #1 IT Career / Certification guide on the web.


This initiative from Jidaw will serve those considering, or those who have chosen, a career in IT. Jidaw cautions that the forums are not academic and are for people who possess the drive and motivation to succeed and advance their careers. Registration details and more information on this unique event can be obtained from Jidaw Systems Limited's Lagos office at: 12 Eric Moore St, Wemabod Estate, Ikeja, Lagos and worldwide on Nigeria's first IT Training -Certification Web Site,

Watch out and stayed tuned to your IT Career guide for more IT Career solutions. Grow and develop your IT Career in the right direction. The choice is yours!


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