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Nigeria has become the Telecom hotspot for both telecom operators and equipment suppliers - Internet, GSM, cable, fixed wireless, VSAT, IP telephony, etc.

As Africa's largest market and as an emerging economy there are huge opportunities in Nigeria for providers of ICT, ICT enabled and related services. Though the market is huge, many who are doing very well in this massive and fast growing market use the right approach.

Getting your message across requires an understanding not just of the concerns and opportunities, but also a knowledge of the players and the effective communication media available. Balancing our extensive experience in promotion in Nigeria with a hands-on knowledge of the field, we put together flexible and well grounded solutions designed to fit your communication needs, as well as your budget.

ICT Promotional Services @ Jidaw - Effective and Affordable promotion of your website, products and services

Jidaw offers promotion services to the Nigerian target audience (IT and Telecoms consumers and community) With Jidaw's years of experience in the ICT field in Nigeria, and its solid knowledge of the market, Jidaw offers you significant business advantage for Nigeria's ICT market.

Jidaw Systems Limited was established in 1995 and is an ICT Consulting firm with firm grip of what it takes to succeed in ICT in Nigeria. Key areas of business include: ICT Consulting, Information provision, Training, Network Support and ICT Marketing and promotion.

Apart from the obvious advantage of reaching your target market efficiently, by promoting with us you additionally benefit from the numerous ICT related enquiries Jidaw receives daily from the ICT SECTOR, COMMUNITY and ICT CONSUMERS. receives the largest number of market enquiries on IT and Telecom in Nigeria on a daily basis. Service/product requests are directed to providers and promoters in the relevant areas.

Jidaw organizes promotional campaigns  for local and foreign organizations in IT and Telecoms. Promotional channels include: the Web, Media, PR, Print, Exhibitions, Promotion through Print and Electronic Media, etc. A wide range of opportunities exist. offers the following unique business promotion opportunities through the Web:
Page branding/sponsorship; Newsletter/IT Solution advertising; Banner/logo advertising; Online Events promotion; Advertising on the site; Corporate listing, etc.

For promotion in the Print and Electronic (Radio, Television) Media, please click here to provide us with details of your products/services as well as proposed campaign duration.

Here are some of the High Impact Web promotional opportunities for your website, products and services:

Publish Your ICT Product News, New Services, Job Requests: will publish your IT news items. For a quote on promotion related to publishing of press releases, news, questions or job vacancies  please send e-mail to us at:

Newsletter Sponsorship:
Jidaw.Com offers advertising in our newsletters. The monthly ICT newsletter enjoys a massive reaction from subscribers all over the world. Advertising options include providing a text description of your service/product with a link back to it or your site.

The Newsletter Advertising program places your valuable information in front of your audience, which has a huge interest in Information and Communications Technologies. Many in our audience are decision makers and active participants in Commerce, Education and Social sectors who read our content-rich newsletters on a regular basis.

Banner Advertising:
Our banner advertising program dynamically positions standard-sized advert banners on specific and selected pages on the site with links to advertisers' Web sites or email addresses.

Button Advertising: This program places advertising buttons on the site's most heavily visited pages.

E-mail Advertising/Dedicated Emails: E-mail advertising is a most effective and efficient means of promoting your products, services and events by sending immediate promotional notices to our vast worldwide audience.

The Email Advertising program allows you to include your text advertising message and link in email lists to all who read the highly acclaimed Article of the Month e-articles.

Business Directory Listing: The Directory listing option package, places your company’s contact details in the appropriate directory of organizations or providers in Nigeria. On this listing you can provide a link which takes any visitor directly to your official website.

Premium Online Promotion: With the Premium online promotion option a webpage is created for your organization on containing your information and promotion. It will be promoted through our site with a link will be placed on the homepage. Your web page will always be hosted on our website while the link on the home page will be kept on for one month only.

Other Forms of Sponsorship / Marketing:

Jidaw is creative and flexible enough to work on any other sponsorship or marketing arrangements not covered by our standard options.
For any discussions or more information please Click the Contact Us Form.



ICT SECTOR/COMMUNITY: can help you reach a worldwide audience of IT Managers and Professionals that are interested in improving their career, getting certified, learning more about various technologies or those making purchasing decisions for their organizations.

CONSUMERS: reaches the rapidly growing ICT consumer market - those interested in ICT products and services. Jidaw has become one of the leading ICT sites in this part of the world and plans continued growth in traffic, information and services.

Benefits of Working with Jidaw:

* Get Your Products and Services out to Your Target Market

* You don't have to reinvent the wheel - has been in Web content provision and online promotion for several years with enviable track record of success.

* Your promotion is targeted and effective
* Reduced cost of promotion and publicity. It's effective and it works. No storytelling. We focus on results.

Jidaw is committed to developing long-term successful relationships and Jidaw will do all it can to ensure that the Promotional service is of great value to you. Advertisers are satisfied and loyal not just because Jidaw's advertising is affordable but because, it is effective and gives great value.

Our priority in on ensuring you achieve your advertising and communications goals.

Thank you for your interest in promoting your products or your website! To get complete details about all of our advertising options or to speak to one of our advertising specialists, just Click the Contact Us Form.

Please let us know about your product or service and we'll provide you with the details you need to move ahead. We look forward to helping your promote your website and your products. To speak to a representative immediately, call us at +234-7052509148, +234-8035007778 OR +234-1-8958064.


Advert Verification

Please note that all promotion (online and offline) placements need to be verified. Jidaw would need to know the source (Organization/Agency / Employer or person) posting the promotion/advert and the authority the source has to post such promotion/adverts.

In the interest of our audience and our reputation, we can only place promotion/adverts that can be verified.

Please note that verification information is not posted as part of your promotion/advert details. Verification is simply carried out only for authentication and genuineness purposes as part of our Information security policy.


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