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Nigeria’s Information Technology and Telecommunications Center on the Web

Computing and Telecommunications is Nigeria’s fastest growing sector. With the advent of Global System of Mobile Communication (GSM), the springing up of social, educational and commercial activities driven by ICT and the increasing awareness of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT), ICT is on the rise in Nigeria.

And the only one place where you can get information on the key players in this vital sector in Nigeria is:

Practical Project management training course aligned with PMBOK

Jidaw Mastercomputers - IT Training, Consulting and Web Content Provision Nigeria

ICT Stakeholder Forum - diverse comments, common purpose

ICT Stakeholder Forum - Stakeholder Comments and Next Steps

NCS Presidentís Investiture and IT Merit Awards


ICT4D Nigeria Africa

Real Independence, ICT and Nigeria

more on: Free IT Career Empowerment Seminar (Closing the empowerment gap)

More on the: Free Career Empowerment Seminar

Results of Internet Service Survey - Best ISP for the First Quarter of 2009

Women in ICT - Moving up the Value Chain

Project Management Training - Creating Opportunity and Value - Strong, Competitive and Flexible

VSAT Picture Story - Live, Hands-on, Practical VSAT Training

VSAT Training Interviews with participants on Video

Nigeria's ICT Voices - promoting ICT for Development

Jobs in Nigeria newsletters - Tips, Insights, Views is the unique resource for IT and Telecoms in Nigeria.

We have put all the valuable links to the key areas of Information and Communications Technology on this page.

“I have found it quite useful in terms of the value of information I can get all in one place. It has a databank of ISP's in Nigeria, Software providers, regulatory and professional ICT bodies and Telecommunications companies in Nigeria. You can even download Nigeria's IT policy from the site.
Plus, it has info on IT Careers, Jobs, Certification, etc.“

Take part in a survey on Nigeria's ICT policy


IT & Telecom Regulatory Bodies & Associations

VSAT, Wireless, Telecom Training
Computer Buyers Guide

Project Management Resources

GSM Operators in Nigeria
Software Providers in Nigeria
Internet Service Providers in Nigeria
Telecom Companies in Nigeria

VSAT Nigeria Resources
Nigeria’s National IT Policy
Cybercafes in Nigeria
IT News Stories and Developments
Get Jobs, Post Jobs on Career Link
Books for IT Applications, Certification ...
IT Careers / Certification in Nigeria
Free Information in the IT and Telecoms field
Computer Training in Nigeria
Computer Vendors in Nigeria
Survey Results: Fast Moving Items in Nigeria's IT Market
Promotion to Nigeria’s Growing ICT Market

Empower Women, Create the Future

Take part in a survey on Nigeria's ICT policy

IT & Telecom Regulatory Bodies & Associations
Information is provided on all the major computing and telecommunications bodies and associations in Nigeria. Get information on the Computer Associations, Telecommunications Associations and Regulatory bodies such as the Nigerian Communications Commission.

Computer Buyers Guide
Nigeria’s online computer buyers guide offering market prices for a range of computer equipment.

Software Providers in Nigeria provides a directory of the leading software developers in Nigeria. The listed organizations based in Nigeria, offer a variety of software services.

Internet Service Providers in Nigeria
Get information on ISPs, located in different parts of Nigeria. Many of them offer dial-up and wireless Internet access.

Telecom Business and Companies in Nigeria
Telecom business is the fastest growing area in Nigeria. The growth of Telecom in Nigeria has exceeded all estimates and forecasts. But doing profitable and sustainable telecom business in Nigeria is not an all comers affair. Get the right information and contacts here:

Nigeria’s National IT Policy
You can download Nigeria’s IT policy from here. You can also get information about the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), the body responsible for implementing the policy, here.

Take part in a survey on Nigeria's ICT policy

Cybercafes in Nigeria
Do you need to browse or send e-mail? Here you can access a directory of cybercafes in Nigeria.

IT News Stories and Developments
Looking for news in Nigeria’s fast growing ICT sector? Look no further. You can get the latest news about developments in Nigeria’s IT and Telecoms sector here.

GSM Operators in Nigeria
In Nigeria, GSM means Telecom explosion. The GSM revolution began in August 2001 and changed the face of Information and Communications Technology in Nigeria.

Get Jobs, Post Jobs on Career Link
Career link allows candidates to search for IT -related jobs, and allows employers to post career opportunities. Plus, through our partnerships with organizations specializing in the ICT profession and recruitment, candidates and employers can take advantage of special career development and recruiting services.

Books for IT Applications, Certification ...
Get information on computing and certification books on sale in Nigeria. A wide range of text is available ranging from those for beginners to those for experienced professionals.

IT Careers / Certification in Nigeria
IT certification is generating a lot of interest in Nigeria. Get information on these links about certification in Nigeria from a key player in IT certification in Nigeria.

Free Information in the IT and Telecoms field
Get free information on the IT and Telecoms field in Nigeria. You can also easily subscribe here to stay up to date on IT and Telecomms in Nigeria.

Computer Training in Nigeria
Do you need computer training in Nigeria? Get information here about computer courses that you can go for in Nigeria. Training is practical and cost-effective.

Computer Vendors in Nigeria
Do you need to buy a computer system? Or maybe you need some computer parts. You can access the list of computer hardware vendors in Nigeria from here.

Survey Results: Fast Moving Items in Nigeria's IT Market (OLD REPORT) has conducted several surveys in Nigeria's IT Market on fast moving computer items. Here are the results of one such survey. We hope you find the findings useful.

Promotion to Nigeria’s Growing ICT Market is Nigeria's foremost Information and Communications Technology (ICT) web site for the purpose of business promotion. is uniquely designed as an e-technology databank, and one-stop-shop for organizations such as yours to promote your products and services to your vast market and uniquely through the Internet. has become the most visited web site in this part of the world. We are therefore, inviting your organization to identify and work with - Nigerian fastest growing Internet community and maximize your bottom-line.


"Keep up the good job! You guys are doing a great job out there in Lagos, Nigeria. I am proud of you guys. You are bound to excel in your business. Folks here in the States always talk about you, out of every 100 IT search on the internet, comes up 90 times. That's incredible!" - Kunle Akinyemi AT&T, USA

Jidaw.Com is the premier site for contacting individuals and organizations that have an interest in Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in Nigeria –inside and outside Nigeria. Advertisers can be guaranteed of the largest audience for ICT in Nigeria on the Internet.

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