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Whizlab's Exam Simulator - a superb test preparation tool

Before taking a certification exam, you should always prepare yourself with practice tests/simulation software. Over the past few weeks, I've had the opportunity to review Whizlabs's CCNA Exam simulator. It is impressive. Whizlabs offers simulators for Microsoft, Java, Cisco and other certification Exams. I've gone over the CCNA simulator and I must say this is a great offering.
The wide range of test assessment techniques is what makes the Whizlabs style exceptional. Unlike what you get with most of the other practice test providers this product stands out with flexibility and diversity.

Whizlabs mock exams are offered in five formats in a simulated environment: Trial, Diagnostic, Practice, Customized and Final exams. Each mock exam has its unique purpose. Combined they all serve the same goal -preparing you for the exam. The Trial exam gives you a few questions that get you familiar with the mock exam environment. Interestingly the trial exam is free with all Whizlabs products. So you can actually try the simulator out before you buy.
The Diagnostic exam is designed to help you identify and analyze your practice/preparation needs - your strengths and weaknesses. While the Practice exam tests you with the aspects you need to master to pass the exam. The final exam as the name implies is designed as the last exam you should take before the actual exam.

Customization is what further enhances this product. With the Customized exam, you can set time of test, the level of difficulty and the particular areas you want to be tested on. Customization allows you to work on your weak areas and preparation effectiveness.
The combination of different exam formats and customization gives you a powerful preparation tool by making it easier to assess your level of preparedness in different ways.
With a good idea of your strong and weak areas, you can devote more time to your weak areas and you can always go back and review the exams as often as necessary.

Apart from flexibility of testing, the quality of a practice tool depends to a large extent on the quality of questions. Whizlabs questions are the right quality, not watery and at the same time, not extreme. I found the questions appropriate and challenging. The exam objectives are covered completely. What I found very useful were the answer explanations, with some offering unique insights into scenarios. Answers are explained exhaustively - why is the correct answer is correct, and why are the incorrect choices wrong.

The Whizlabs simulator is for great for individuals who need to assess their level of preparedness for the test experience. It highlights gaps in knowledge and shows you were you are doing fine. Add the unconditional 100% money back guarantee Whizlabs offers for all its products and you can't get a better bargain.

In my opinion, you can't go wrong with this amazing certification prep tool.

Jide Awe
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