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REPORT: Jidaw's Seminar on Information Technology Careers, Tech Support and Network Certification

Certification & Your Career Focus  

What is your career focus? It's not just about Tech Skills . Why do some succeed while others fail with certification? You need to have a career focus. What is your purpose in information technology? Let's look at what you should consider as part of your career focus:

Realistic Expectations

Career Planning



Soft Skills

Ethics and Professionalism

Self Motivated for Success

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Realistic Expectations

  • Understand what can certification do and what do you need to do for yourself. Be realistic. Opportunities abound in IT but it is not a get-rich-quick scheme. No one is in IT for the sole purpose of making you rich. Multiple certifications don't make an IT career. Avoid the 5 top certification mistakes. You must have a passion for IT and identify your area of interest. Do you endure or enjoy working in IT? You must know how IT careers are built and use effective career growth methods. An IT career is both interesting and challenging. It requires the right attitude and the right approach.

  • Stop asking only questions about pay, jobs and benefits. Ask the right questions: Is there are a future in information technology? Does that future include me? How do I empower myself?


Career Planning  


  • Have a Career Plan Dissatisfaction with present situation or your love of IT are not enough. What is your vision? Where are you going? Not where is everybody going? PLAN. "A dream without a plan is a nightmare". Planning helps you with focusing and organizing yourself. 

  • Your career focus depends on how you pursue your long-term career goals. It is better to prepare and plan rather than simply following the crowd.  

  • Be proactive and stop waiting for ideal or perfect conditions. Start working on your career growth now. Analyze opportunities and challenges. And take action based on logical and constructive planning
    "Make things happen. Don't wait for things to happen to you."





  • Invest. To achieve you have to make the effort (Time, Money, Commitment) . According to Thomas Edison, success is "99% perspiration and 1% inspiration".
  • Work on building your knowledge and expertise muscles. Knowledge is key. Lifelong learning is critical for all levels of professionals, especially experienced professionals. In the IT field you can't afford to become a dinosaur.
  • Invest in career growth based on substance. "Is the training, provider, marketing promotion or job popular, or trendy" is not as important as "will the training, provider or job enable me achieve my career objectives?" Will this solution deliver? PERIOD! Plant your feet on solid ground. 
  • Match certification interest with your level of experience. For example, advanced level certifications are of little value to newcomers.
  • Invest in hands-on work experience, not just certification or training. Focus on Quality not Quantity of experience. What matters is the "experience in the years and not the  years of experience." Passion is also key. Experience without passion is like a roaring lion without claws - a toothless lion. Everybody hears the roar but does it have any bite?

  • Your interest in investing should be in making your value more than your cost. Ability is not value! To have value it's not just about certification, clients, employers, colleagues must benefit from you. What are you bringing to the table? 




  • Resourcefulness. Because it is impossible to have all the answers, You need to be resourceful.  DIG DEEP. Develop the ability to find answers through your own effort. Nobody expects you to have all the answers but you should know where to look, search or dig.

  • Don't be a parrot. Be yourself. There is a world of difference between imitation and influence.

  • Focus on empowerment not just employment. There are no silver bullets or mysteries. You cannot grow if you always want to be spoon-fed. Spoon feeding leaves you at baby level. LEARN HOW TO FISH. STOP BEGGING FOR FISH!  


Soft Skills  


  • Develop your soft skills -business, marketing, communications, leadership, presentation. YOU MUST HAVE AND DEVELOP THE ABILITY TO MARKET YOURSELF. Having tech ability is great but you need to use soft skills to empower yourself. Your enthusiasm must not only have substance it must be backed by wisdom. Acquiring tech skills with poor soft skills is "one step forward, two steps backwards". The right use of soft skills is actually about wisdom.  Unfortunately many people still seem to think it's better to have more skills than sense.
  • Work on your personal networking. Personal networking provides more opportunities for career growth than all other alternatives (adverts, agencies, etc). "Who knows you is often more important than who you know." Build don't burn bridges. Build and maintain your personal network of friends, family, ex-colleagues, colleagues and acquaintances. No matter what, never leave bad blood on your trail. This is no surprise as  people usually help people they like.  

  • The best way to improve your personal network is to adopt an unselfish attitude with employers, clients, friends, acquaintances and colleagues. Pay attention to the interests and needs of others you come in contact with. You can't have a strong and dependable personal network if you think only of yourself. 


Ethics and Professionalism  


  • Ethics and Professionalism are key. Don't get carried away with just having tech and soft skills. Can you be trusted? Trust breeds opportunities. Are you flexible, friendly, dependable, reliable, calm, full of positive energy, patient? Learn to under-promise and over-deliver. Don't acquire the Siberia tag - "everybody knows where it is but nobody wants to go there". 
  • Ethics requires courage and a strong belief in positive principles irrespective of what is happening around you. Are you a product of your environment or  if the need arises can you rise above your environment? Don't let bad situations, encounters or people turn you into a bad product. "Be a thermostat not a thermometer". Can you be trusted to do the right thing at the right time? Simply put, your attitude determines your value. 
  • Sometimes your stand on ethics may create enemies for you or you may lose some short term benefits. This is the price you have to pay to build your track record - to become a true professional.  


Sunday Ashonibare - "It really helped in taking off the veil of mystery and misinformation about going for an IT career. My expectations was not dashed. I was impressed with the career focus, that is where the reality of life was discussed. It is very relevant".  


Self Motivated for Success  


  • Maintain and Develop a Success-oriented Attitude. "I'm never down. I'm either up or getting up". Strengthen your backbone with a positive mindset. Career success is often not immediate. It can be quite challenging and stressful. Don't let stress and challenges intimidate you. You can't get far with a self-defeatist attitude. NO means you have a better opportunity ahead. You may hear NO more often than YES. And so what?! "It is not what you are called, but what you answer to". No matter the challenges, you can always overcome and NOTHING beats an uncompromising "will-succeed" attitude
  • Fear, anger, ingratitude, stumbling blocks, mistakes, lack of progress, unfair treatment are hard facts of life. Even if you make mistakes, the right approach is not to shut yourself down. "The person who doesn't make mistakes usually doesn't make anything". Nothing retards progress more than the beasts called fear and worry. They should not be allowed to derail you. When we worry we lose the power to take decisions to change or improve our situation. Always get over these sore issues and channel them to positive effect. 
  • Remember life is not an exact science. Even when you do things right, results may not be immediate. Don't become a prisoner of reality. Instead use reason and reality to address issues. Worrying and despair is not the solution. We all go through challenges in order to grow. "We must learn how to turn a minus into a plus". The problem is not the challenge but how we handle the challenge. Drown self pity before it drowns you. Endure and learn from setbacks and get over them. "Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely". We can either complain or worry that things aren't what we want or we can make the effort to improve our prospects in our chosen profession.
  • You need self belief to sustain your passion and desire to be a success in the IT field. Let your career ambitions keep you motivated during periods of stress and self-doubt. Self belief spurs you to make the extra effort that is often the difference required to become an achiever. Nothing that is done or said will matter unless you believe in yourself. Beginner, manager, experienced professional, or investor believe in yourself. NEVER GIVE UP! This belief, determination, self-assurance must come from within you. NEVER be totally dependent on others and don't blame others when things are not right. Accept responsibility. Use input, encouragement, criticism, insight and resources from reputable and relevant sources, but most importantly believe in yourself. The power to transform and achieve is in your hands.
  • Nobody said it would be easy but it can be rewarding if you have the strength, courage, desire and wisdom. You have to believe in yourself. You've got to want it REAL BAD.  

Certification is a tool you can use for skills, knowledge and advancement, if you know how to manage your career growth. Start managing your career growth by believing in yourself.


There are amazing career opportunities in information technology. And there is no mystery in building a worthwhile and rewarding career in information technology. You simply need the right motivation, organization and perseverance. Good Luck!


 Oke Gbenga - "I expected to be enlightened on my IT career focus and I was. I was particularly impressed with the self motivation and also the certification discussion.
It is amazing how Jidaw is positively affecting lives of Nigerian Youths





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