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Focus and Achievement at the IT Career & Certification Seminar

The last Career Seminar was held in Lagos, Nigeria on Saturday, September 17, 2005. It was very enlightening with rich insight and tips for building careers in Information Technology. Participants attended from all over Nigeria, with delegates from Kano, Port Harcourt, Ibadan, Abeokuta, Ilorin and Lagos. Of particular note was the sense of achievement that permeated the whole exercise.

The seminar focused on the right mindset and approach for building and sustaining a successful career in information technology. The emphasis was on quality information and decision making. The individual's attitude towards value, reward and contribution were also examined.

In addition, the seminar looked at various learning and career advancement options available to participants, with the focus being on improving the effectiveness of career growth efforts.

The seminar looked at requirements and key certifications in two high demand areas of information technology (Technical support and Networking). 
Technical support, which was acknowledged providing powerful IT career entry opportunities, was treated in detail. And, A+ certification the recognized and popular certification for tech support was also discussed.

In the area of Networking dealt with the fundamentals of Networking, as well as the requirements and objectives of  three powerful Network certifications - CompTIA Network+, Cisco CCNA and CompTIA Linux+.



Some Comments

Onwuegbu Chijioke

It was really worth it.  I thank God for JIDAW Systems. I never expected such a clear revelation on courses like A+ and CCNA but I thank God I was here.


Obianmo Nneka / Industrial Microbiologist Non governmental organisation

The IT Career Forum was very interesting, informative and educating


Edith. Oyibocha, a Student and a worker:

I didn't expect as much as given to me.  Thanks.


Prince Emmanuel Okojie:

I didn't expect too much, since it was free. I was satisfied with all areas. I had my feel and i enjoyed every bit of it. It is very, very important, it was a booster.


Mr. Ibukun Owoseni CEO of Idito Nigerian Enterprises:

Very good and effective to the country.


Akaraiwe Jideofo, Trainee  Eng. & PPC LTD:

Positive and promising


Timothy Ayodele, AIGA ACHIEVERS  COLLEGE, Ajegunle, Apapa, Lagos

Very beneficial in a holistic manner. I was satisfied with all the areas especially the Career focus aspect.


Ajayi Paul Taiye student of Lautech Ogbomosho

It has helped in building up my initiative about IT because I study Computer Engineering.


Francis Rwang Pam Engineer (NTA2 Channel 5)

Very educative and beneficial. It was most fulfilling.


Daodu O. Patrick (student & publisher of a xtian magazine "The Triumph"

Wonderful & Really Expository. I am comfortable with all that I have learnt here.  


Solabomi Majiyagbe, CEO/ Managing Director, Bolds Venture LTD (Market & Avert support services)

Interesting & Educative. I am seeing it as a new career opportunity.


Ogana Charless,Bsc. Chemistry.

Excellent, quite informative, I was greatly enlightened. As a beginner, it has helped me to narrow my career focus to relevant areas.


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11 Feb, 2010


Idris Mohammed of Kaduna, Kaduna State, Nigeria says:



I have always used my network and it works. You have always mentioned other areas I should use. Thanks so much.  



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