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Are you out of work, unemployed, looking for a new job, preparing for an interview? Then you need these tips to enhance your job search. Make Yourself the best candidate for the job!

19. Referrals are powerful endorsements for opening doors. As you grow as a professional use your network of teachers, colleagues, clients and managers. Build credibility through positive recommendations. But it isn't just about who knows you or who worked with you. Asking for and getting meaningful referrals is a lot easier if you don't leave bad blood on your trail. 

18. Make sure you are qualified for the opportunities that you are pursuing. Interest is not enough. Do your research. If you don't meet the criteria, don't waste your time chasing jobs you can't do. Instead gather information on what to do to get qualified and how to successfully deploy resources to achieve your objectives.

17. Be realistic in your job search and most importantly be positive. Believe in yourself. Believe you are unique and believe you have something to offer. You are great! You can do it! A self-defeatist attitude will not get you anywhere. Positive upbeat people radiate success and happiness. Being positive is rewarding - it creates opportunities and enthusiasm. 

16. In your job search efforts, what message are you sending out? Are you always begging or do you have something to offer? Do you want handouts, pity or do you want a job? Drop the begging attitude and instead portray yourself as a solution provider and problem solver. 

15. Losing your job is an opportunity to improvement - to get a better job or for reassessment of your career path. It isn't the time to panic or feel sorry for yourself. A "why me" attitude is wasteful and pointless. Turn the minus into a plus. Get back to your high energy level and start doing something positive.

15. Work on being unique and creative in your job search efforts, especially during interviews. Being unique in a positive manner helps you stand out. Nobody tends to remember people who are stiff, boring or uninterested. But people will always remember those who make a strong impact. 
Just make sure it's a strong positive impression that creates interest and enthusiasm. 

14. Don't draw a blank when the interviewer asks, "Do you have any questions for us?" Having questions to ask shows your level of preparedness as well as your interest in the job. But don't ask trivial or irrelevant questions just for the sake of having something to ask.

13. Always do your research on the company and the job description before the interview. Most interviewers will want to know what you know about the company and why you want the job. Be prepared. Don't allow questions to take you by surprise.

12. Don't tell lies - small or big on your CV, during the interview or in any job search activity. Any form of deception leaves a negative impact now or in future. Embellishing achievements, misrepresenting your skills, exaggerated current salary, outright lying, hiding previous career information destroys trust during the interview and other job processes.
Sell what you have not what you don't have.

11. Don't focus on job descriptions in your resume. Position yourself above your competition by focusing on your achievements as benefits in your resume. Show that you're an achiever that has the required skills and experience.

10. Saying negative things about your current or previous employers can harm your job search effort. Even if your grievance appears reasonable, disrespecting your employers in a job search situation will not portray you in a positive light.

9, Changing jobs to advance your career is normal. But moving around or job hopping too often sends the wrong signals to prospective employers. In a competitive situation, having to explain your jumping around puts you at a disadvantage.
Employers look for people with signs of stability. Nobody wants experience without commitment.

8. The objective of the resume is to get you the interview. Don't clog your CV with excess details. Leave the details for the interview. Make your CV simple and clear with the right self-marketing focus to land you the interview.

7. During an interview, don't use "big adjectives" that you can't back up. You won't last 10 minutes in an interview. Simplicity and coherence makes it easier for you to present yourself as the best candidate for the position.

6. You are expected to display confidence (not overconfidence) in answering interview questions. Tailor your answers to your strengths and what the interviewer is looking for in a candidate. Most importantly it helps to practice before the actual interview.

5. Don't include excessive information in your cover letter. You should direct people to your resume, which has your complete information. Use your cover letter as an introduction, not a duplicate of your resume.

4. In Job search situations, Be a contender not a pretender. Pretenders come along for the ride for sightseeing. Contenders come as the best candidate for the job. Don't be intimidated by your competitors. Job hunt like a champion, Think like a winner and You will get the job you deserve.

3. While you are ultimately responsible for your own job search, it helps to have an active personal network. You can't afford to be an island when you job search. Involve your family, friends, acquaintances, and ex-colleagues. Let them know what you're looking for and contact them periodically to let them know how the job search is progressing.

2. How seriously do you take your job hunt? If you want results in good time, take your job search as your job. Get busy and get organized. Plan and make the effort to work on it regularly. Make it a priority by dedicating specific time on a daily basis to your job hunt. How seriously do you want that job?

1. Use job search tools, such as resumes and cover letters to send out powerful messages about yourself. Use standard or popular formats, but make sure the content and communication shows strength, confidence and a professional image. How are you presenting and packaging yourself? The essence is to: Stand out and make a positive impact.


All the best in your job hunting!


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"Attitude is everything in opportunity. Hunt for opportunity like a champion, Think like a winner and You will get the opportunity you deserve."

Last Update: October 19, 2005


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