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The Requirements of Internship (Industrial Attachment)


I am a subscriber to your newsletters. A big thank you for a job well-done as you sensitize and educate us. What is internship and its role? I hold a Bachelor's degree and I'm undergoing training and preparing for certification. I have been advised to seek an internship position in Information technology to put my training into use under professional supervision.

Please, could you advise me as to the best way to go about this, and what should my considerations be as I seek for a place to achieve this aim. What is the relevance of internship for an IT career? Where can I serve as an intern? I really need hands on job experience before getting advanced certification.


Thank you for your kind and encouraging comments. I commend you on your efforts to develop and create opportunities for yourself. Direction and planning are certainly critical for career management. This is particularly important for developing your career in IT. It's important to have the right attitude towards knowledge and experience. Career progress requires a deep understanding of the importance of work experience. Though you can acquire knowledge and skills from training and other learning resources, in the technology field, work experience is key for relevant career growth. Getting work experience isn't exactly easy street for most newcomers. But it always helps to have a total picture that shows an understanding of the need and opportunities. I will offer some suggestions while on your part you have to be creative in getting benefit.

You will need to understand the benefits and essence of internship as well as the nature of internships. How can you make the most out of your internship experience? And which areas should you consider for such opportunities?

Understand Internship

When analyzing the nature of work an IT person does, it is possible to divide up the IT sphere into two major areas of business support and academics/research. Business support refers IT professionals involved in the use of IT in all aspects of life - commercial, education, social and government. While academics/research refers to individuals involved in the academic and research side of IT. Irrespective of the environment the distinction is in the nature of work carried out the individual. For example an IT professional providing operations, support and programming services in a university for student records is providing business support. The other person (working in a university or the lab of a software firm) that teaches and investigates vulnerabilities and secure programming is carrying out academics/research work.

Though many academic institutions provide qualifications and a solid grasp of the fundamentals in academics and research, business support is a major minus. Many students graduating with certifications or degrees are unprepared to deal with the needs of the environment. Qualifications aren't enough. What all sectors of society need are individuals who are ready to solve problems and create opportunities using IT from day one. The market and society wants thinking contributors not just qualifications.

Educational institutions attempt to address this deficiency by building industrial programs and internships into their degree programs. Most academic programs relating to technology require students to perform internship at specific stages of their academic programs. Such academic programs incorporate work experience as an integral part of a student's core curriculum.
Graduates and certified individuals who wish to develop hands-on work experience can also take the initiative to secure internships. During such periods of internship, students get exposed to working life and experience, where they gain some hands-on skills.

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Jide Awe

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January 8, 2011


Nyasha of Hwange, Zimbabwe says:



I had been been coming across a lot of useless stuff concerning this topic. And then you just sum it all up in just one article.
Thank you very much. 



December 17, 2008


Shaahu Jimmy of Ajah, Lagos, Nigeria says:



Very inspiring!

I have been visiting this site for time now but i have never come to this corner but this is very wonderful of you guys in Jidaw at least we newcomers fo IT now have some where to run to for advice. I just finished MCSE training at NIIT but not yet certified but I would like to go for internship first thank you. 



October 7, 2008


Clinton of Port Harcourt says:



Your article on internship was wonderful but how do I get a place for my internship program because I really need it in order to get a practical knowledge of my MCSE certification. 


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