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Aug 12, 2009 - Looking for exciting career opportunities in today's world? Don't go past Information technology. A lot of talk in IT centres on products, training and certification. But career development is beyond education and technologies. Where are the prospects? What is the opportunity market like?

There are great careers in IT that keep you ahead, meltdown or not. However, in choosing what is important? Activity in career development can be busy and loud. But ignore noisy and empty beats. Look to information and passion not wrong-headed popularity contests.

In making your choices it is critical to understand the different career areas and what makes them so important. Examine nature of the work and consider your interests and needs. When you identify your natural fit it's easier to motivate yourself to excel. Let's take a brief look at top guns in the IT career sphere.

Computer Engineering / Technical Support - research, design, development, installation, support and test of computer or computer-related equipment. Hardware includes computer chips, circuit boards, computer systems, and related equipment such as keyboards, modems, printers and UPS. Design is responsible for innovations and products in Hardware technology. Who do you turn to when you want to assemble a new PC? Tech support provides assembly, repairs, troubleshooting and maintenance expertise in the work environment. It's the busiest area in IT - exceptional for newcomers..

Software Programming / Application Development - design, development, testing, maintenance and evaluation of the software and systems that make computers work - involves gathering requirements, coding, testing and the use of programming languages. Programming languages including Visual Basic.NET, C++ and Java can be utilized to create and support software products based on market needs, and or user requirements. Where is the convenience of IT without software solutions for computers (word-processing, accounting, etc) and machines (embedded in cars, phones, toys, etc).

Networking - design, support and installation of Network equipment, Network media, cable and wireless, Internet, Intranet, networks, Network Software, Network security. Interested in setting up, troubleshooting and managing Local Area Networks (LANs), Wide Area Networks (WANs) as well as internetworking activities? Areas of growing interest in the networking sphere include wireless and mobile computing, optical fibre, Network security and availability. Are you reading this on the Internet? Have you recently used an ATM? Networking is driven by the need to share resources and communicate.

Research & Development / Academics - scientific and technological study and investigations that contributes to knowledge for the benefit of society. Research in IT keeps expanding and is considered the backbone of innovation. R&D is a major player in the mass production of scarce drugs, the search for disease cures, new communications solutions, business optimization, Oil, Sports, etc. Researchers are continually pushing frontiers for breakthroughs not only for tech and business convenience; but for society- improving the human condition especially with regard to education, health and poverty.

Database Development & Administration - design, plan, organization, setup of databases using database management systems software. Expert database expertise confers organizations with the ability to utilize and benefit from vast amounts of data resources in an efficient and effective manner. In the digital world database management is vital for record keeping, operations, decision making and planning. Database products with widespread and global deployment include Oracle, Microsoft's SQL Server, IBM's DB2 and MySQL. How would banks handle the printing of statements without the power of database management? It should surprise no one that the database is core to National ID projects.

Telecommunication Engineering - design, implementation and management of telecommunications equipment, software and systems to meet (voice, wireless and data) needs. Telecom engineering includes many different but often interconnected areas - Cable (Copper, Fibre optics), telephony, GSM, Wireless, Satellite, Radio, etc. As a result the nature of work and requirements varies extensively, e.g. design of cell phones, VSAT installation, telephony installations, radio troubleshooting, etc. Internet is driving demand for data and Telecom is critical.

Web Design & Development - create, design, and support websites and web programs. Web development work usually includes aesthetics, interactivity, impressive and relevant content, functionality, graphic design, convenient navigation and search features. HTML, Flash, Dreamweaver, Expressions and PHP/MySQL are well known tools in this area. Testing, troubleshooting, maintenance, programming/scripting, database design and integration are key areas of interest. We all need to build our virtual infrastructure.

Information Technology Entrepreneurship - start and run profitable IT businesses. Incredible business opportunities are created by IT in today's digital era. IT entrepreneurship requires applying principles of tech creation and utilization, business management, risk taking and creativity to transform ideas into profitable and sustainable business ventures. It offers you flexibility and independence in work and life. You're your own boss. But IT entrepreneurship challenges status quo and changes the world. It can be described as "an amazing craziness". Can you imagine a world without Microsoft, IBM or the Internet?


Which is best?

Best area? Don't make me laugh! Opportunities exist in all areas of IT just as there are challenges. These areas are solid. Without them there is no knowledge economy. No career option is better than the other. Take your mind out of the usual. There is nothing like best area. What is best for you may not be best for me.  As expected there are areas of overlap - for example, networking is core in some areas of telecom, while for many, basic networking has become integral to technical support and of course quite a number of researchers in IT R&D do research using hardware and software design.

Before I close and discuss with the web developer on meeting our needs, I have a question. Information is one thing, action is a different animal. Will you seize any of these great career opportunities? The choice is always yours. This is your power. The bank manager hears a shout from down the hall. It seems the Networking specialist has solved the Internet banking problem.

Have a great IT career!

Jide Awe

Jide Awe is the Founder of Jidaw.com

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August 13, 2009


Temisan A of Benin says:


Solid, Solid and Solid. It's hard to find such sincere advice and info. Thanks for the direction. Stay Solid!

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