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The Real Value of Experience

  1. The real value of experience
  2.   Don't focus on tools
  3. Do focus on gaining useful experience. 


While training and certification help you acquire relevant skills and knowledge, there's no substitute for the experience of solving real-world problems. Much of the skills and knowledge of an IT professional is gained through practical experience.

However, experience is not just about the number of years you've spent on the job. It is about job effectiveness and capability. The quality of your experience is reflected in your ability to provide solutions quickly and creatively.

One of the biggest challenges facing those in the IT profession is getting the necessary practical experience. Getting yourself in the door, however, requires initiative. Sometimes you may need to volunteer or take less than what you feel you deserve to get the experience you need.

It is important not to keep job-hopping all in the name of gaining experience. What has the new job got to offer you in terms of your career?



§         Knowledge and experience come first in this industry. There is no substitute for this in the IT industry.

§          It is important to make sure that where you work, you are continually learning and developing yourself.

§         A lot of the knowledge and experience you will need to succeed on the job cannot be taught in a classroom or certification.

§         You must have the ability to learn from your experiences and also from your peers and colleagues.

§         You must not only learn, you must learn fast.

§         Understands how customers implement and utilize the systems.

§         As you gather experience your attitude is important. Show that you have a constant desire to learn and willing to go the extra mile.

§         Build your teamwork skills by collaborating and interacting with others.

§         Acquire hardware and software knowledge and build on your Problem-solving, Analytical and Communication Skills.

§         Be timely in implementing solutions. Your ability to deliver is not enough; your efficiency counts.

Understand and support the mission and vision of your clients or company.


don't focus on tools

don't focus on jobs and career advmt tools, focus on your career.

Don't repat a work exp more than 3 times

Do build your own network

Pick your company carefully

Work in a company that invests in you

Don't ne afraid to take a lateral or lowr graded job for experience

Do learn from your mistakes

Do live a balanced life. Work is what you do not what you are.

Don't react to the attitudes around you

Do develop your soft skills work well with your peers and others

Your best strategy is to get a job that will give you experience, keep developing yourself and make conscious decisions about your career directions.


Let your actions speak in a professional, positive manner

The main thing is to get a job that your happy in. Don't just look at a dollar amount. Look at the whole thing. When I look at jobs, I look at the following (in no paticular order).


Description (what the position does).


Hours (regular, OT/Comp and on call).



Average amount of stress involved (MAJOR point here!).

Amount of travel involved.

and so on...

Peopleskills/Customer Service skills

Resourcefulness -


Do the research and you will find that you learn more that way. Keep in mind that it is perfectly fine to not know the answer to the question. What makes you valuable as an employee in the I.T. field is the ability to find the answers.


Motivate yourself

Learn from others

You can compete with other IT professionals or you can collaborate with them. The choice is yours.

IT employees in particular need to find ways to make themselves continually more valuable, thereby making their companies more productive, efficient and profitable.

A few weeks of training and passing a handful of exams

doesn't exempt you from spending the time required to assimilate new,

complex concepts.

For more information related to your IT Career, head to the IT Career Resource

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Ideas are not enough. You must be action oriented to improve your future.



Don't just think but act. You get results not only from thinking but from acting.



You have ideas. You want to achieve. You want opportunity.



But what are you still doing in your comfort zone? The comfort zone is a dangerous place.



"I wanted to", "I was going to" cannot put on a light bulb, not to talk of moving you forward.



Aren't you tired of hoping and criticizing? Stop defending status quo that locks you down.



GO on the offensive now with IT Education and Empowerment.



What is the use of ideas without action?



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