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No Money, No Training, No Hope

I have no money. But I need training and certification, what should I do? I need training in the hot areas. I need training to start my career in Information Technology (IT). I need a company that will give me free training? Who will help me out? I have no money. I have no hope!


I understand your situation. This isn't about blaming you or being unsympathetic, but you need to change your approach. What you are doing doesn't work.


Career issues may be resolved faster through our site as many career questions have already been treated and published online. And in addition, because of our other commitments, we present the monthly career seminars to address such issues.


Most training institutions are commercial setups that have responsibilities and challenges. You can't make an organization give you free training. An organization will invest in promotions and special offers if such activities are in line with the organization's business plans and or concept of social responsibility. Can you demand that a PC outlet should give you a free PC? From time to time, organizations will come out with such promos.  It is their prerogative to do so. And even when such promos are available, be hungry for substance - don't base critical decisions on style or popularity. The free or low cost aspect shouldn't be your only consideration. Assess the value of such offers - is the promo in line with your goals and interest? Will the freebie help in moving you forward?

Need training but no money. This is a typical catch-22 situation. How can we tame the beast? To get a better career or improve our business, we have to improve ourselves. And obviously in a situation of lack, you must empower yourself. You need empowerment to make progress and to create wealth and opportunity. Without money or resources, we need empowerment. But you need resources in order to empower yourself. Can this dream of empowerment ever be fulfilled?


Career Tools, Money 

Many use training and certification to acquire knowledge and skills, but they aren't the only options. Other career tools available to you include work experience, Internet, books, training simulators and so on. Note that even spending time and money on these tools will not guarantee success without the necessary commitment and effort. Identify and use career advancement tools to acquire the technical knowledge and skills your chosen career path requires.  

Money is certainly a critical resource required for building your skills and knowledge. However, money is not the only tool for empowerment. Can money alone help the slacker? What is money with an apathetic attitude that is full of negativity? Empowerment requires resources such as time, money, effort, as well as the ability the keep the right perspective. Asking for free training is begging the question. Money isn't everything and resources are often limited. Do you want to move forward? Then smash those myths and change your orientation. 

Discover yourself - who are you? Know yourself and know your value. The money in your pocket is not your value. Know your self worth. In the words of Harvey Fierstein, "Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one's definition of your life, but define yourself." How much do you value yourself? Don't approach your career with a recipient or "receive only" mindset. You can't grow by accepting handouts. Always package yourself as a value provider and problem solver. As a contributor you give more than you receive. Rather than asking for something, what can you contribute? You may not yet be the 900-pound gorilla but you have something to offer - what is it? What are your strengths?



Is there is a formula for IT career success? Don't make me laugh! What works for you may not work for me. What worked yesterday may not work today. The opportunities at your disposal may be different from the opportunities I can call on. Ditto for resources. Creativity is not an option it is the oxygen of the career world. There is simply no formula. Period! There is no alternative to creativity. You can't move forward by focusing only on the obvious and the traditional. To quote, Lao Tzu, "Learn to see backward, inside out and upside down."  

I agree that having no resources can be challenging but it is also not in the interest of people to focus only on receiving when they can learn how to empower themselves. "Give a man to fish and he won't starve for a day. Teach a man how to fish and he won't starve for his entire life". Find a way of empowering yourself. How? It's tough, but it's also doable. Rather than hoping or pleading for opportunity, address the challenge in a practical and meaningful manner. What options are available to you? Because we see training and certification adverts everyday doesn't mean they are our only options. The challenge calls for resourcefulness. Develop the ability to dig deep for answers and opportunity. 

Creativity isn't an easy street. "Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work" -Thomas Edison. There are no guarantees and you need to take risks. Integrity is important and you often need to be radical and adventurous. "They say it looks clumsy, ridiculous and stupid? If it's effective, so what? The drumming is often deafening and merciless, but that's no excuse for taking your eyes off the ball. Let the main issue be the main issue." You have something valuable. 

You don't have money to give so give what you have - time, effort, insight, ideas, interest, attitude and knowledge. You need IT training, do your research - what can you do or provide that will give you value? And don't be fixated with the straightjacket system or what others are doing? Don't wait for perfect. The environment isn't friendly but that isn't an excuse. Are you waiting for the policy makers? Are you waiting for the "super-nice people" sharing career goodies? For how long will you wait? Take charge and look around you for opportunities. Make the extra effort and ignore skeptics. Where are you looking for such opportunity? What is the need (not just your need)? And in what way can you fill the gaps?

You may even have to do things that are non-IT that can enhance your IT career. For example, I know of people with an interest in IT careers, working in, and using non-IT jobs to finance their IT career growth, exposure and education. They aren't confused or weird; they're simply using opportunities at their disposal to satisfy their career needs.



If training is too costly or out of your reach, you can initially focus on relevant experience before investing in certification. A creative approach to work experience could provide you with options. Hands-on experience may help not just in terms of opportunity, but also in funding your learning and certification. An often overlooked avenue for work experience is volunteering. Volunteer opportunities are available with community organizations, religious organizations, non-profit organizations, local charities, environmental organizations, health bodies, schools, foundations, volunteer groups, and small businesses. In fact some organizations provide you with the opportunity to "volunteer for recommendation". What this entails is offering your services for a period of time in return for a recommendation from the organization. Note that volunteering or work experience isn't about pay or meal ticket. It's an opportunity to contribute and network with other people. 

Networking is particularly important for experience and other career opportunities. As you grow in the field it is important that you network regularly with your peers and other people. Attend events of relevance to your career growth and keep on updating yourself. A useful event dealing with these issues is the FREE IT career empowerment program.


Hot Areas? 

There are more issues at play than which area is hot or which area is cold. Areas of high demand in IT include Networking, Web Development and Internet services, Technical Support and maintenance, Programming and Data base design and administration. How hot is hot? What really is hot if you don't know what the field entails? Change your orientation - your career is more than distractions in the so-called hot areas! What are your interests? What is your career plan? How much do you know about these areas? Again resourcefulness must be in the equation.


Attitude, Dreams 

Empowerment requires extra effort and a strong mental attitude. Feed on the positives. Don't whine or look for pity. No money doesn't mean no hope. Be enthusiastic about your career, be eager to learn, adopt a positive, high-energy outlook. Face your reality without becoming a prisoner to reality. The shortest bridge between despair and hope is a positive attitude. We all face problems. The issue is not the problem but how we respond to the problem. You must have the will to succeed . 

I'm glad you acknowledge and want to solve the problem. You can't change your situation by burying your head in the sand. However, getting on the right track requires more - you must also acknowledge the weakness of your present approach and instead take positive, concrete steps. You don't get opportunity simply by wanting or asking. Get out of your comfort zone and start doing something now. Asking isn't enough. Take up challenges and learn from your experiences both good and bad. View what you need to do as an investment in your career. Change your orientation - look beyond the surface. Don't assess your effort and time simply in terms of what you're investing now.

Empowerment doesn't have to remain a dream. You can tame the beast. A lot depends on your career focus and your attitude towards the opportunities at your disposal. I close with words of George Bernard Shaw, "I don't believe in circumstances. The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and if they can't find them, make them."

I hope you find this useful and wish you the best in your IT Career.

Jide Awe


Jide Awe is the Founder of Jidaw.com (http://www.jidaw.com) 

Jidaw.com's mission is to help you build and sharpen your career focus. Time permitting, we would be glad to answer your career questions, but before sending email, please check the IT Career Resource Center first to see if perhaps your question or problem already appears there or can be solved using the resource center 

or better still attend the next FREE IT Career Seminar..

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August 25, 2008


Ayobami Daradara of Badagry, Lagos State says:



You're just about striking through the heart of the matter... It's better than good. 



Sept 5, 2006

Salihu Umar from Abuja says:



These are very good points by Henry. Computer Education should be free for all. But the problem is who will now pay or support Jidaw and other training schools. Government really needs to step in. NGOs and foundations too can come in. But very good advise too. I know that volunteering can be very useful. We can't keep waiting until the situation improves. 



Sept 2, 2006

Friday Henry Ebong says:



I want to express my sincere gratitude to Jidaw for the great opportunity you have opened for Nigeria graduate and other applicants. 

First of all, I want to suggest that the training should be free at level with reasons:-

Because the training are not for working class people. Things have been so difficult even with the working class people. How much more for those of us that have never worked for one day. We find it very difficult to sip garri in a day talk less of affording money to pay for this training.

Secondly, I want to suggest that the training shouldn't be held in Lagos alone. Because many people who need to be trained are living very far from Lagos and they do not have money to transport themselves to Lagos for the training.

Many of us don't not have any help from any source you see that it has not been easy with us except we are employed by any organization.

Nevertheless, I want to use this opportunity and make appeal to Jidaw.com that I have no money but I need training to start my career in information technology (IT). I need a company that will give me free training. I promise that any company that will give me training I will work for the company effectively and make sure that I pay the money installmentally until I complete the payment paid for me now.


August 23, 2006

Dotun Adesina from Akure says:



Wise points and well treated. It's needed. It's really tough out there.  


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