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Interview with Adeola Mosudi Ajibade - CompTIA Network+ IT Professional

08-10-10- How does one achieve top globally recognized certifications? CompTIA Network+ is one such certification that stands out. What does it take to achieve the certifications that matter? IT certification tips and pointers are shared on this web channel by Jidaw. Adeola Mosudi Ajibade who is now CompTIA Network+ certified connects and shares experiences with Jidaw.com in this interview.

Though he started from scratch Adeola Mosudi Ajibade took the certification challenge head on. With commitment and dedication he achieved his Network+ certification. Ajibade is no respecter of status quo.

He is a committed and active member of the Jidaw Alumni Association.

It has been quite an interesting trip. In the words of Adeola Mosudi Ajibade: "I read the whole Cisco CCNA book more than three times, but I didn't understand it.

Certification achievement was not clear to me until somebody introduced me to Jidaw's FREE IT Career Seminar. The rest is history. More Knowledge! More Power!"

1: Please let us meet you. Let's know more about you.

Answer: Adeola Mosudi Ajibade is my name. I attended Baptist Boys High School Abeokuta before I proceeded to Yaba College of Technology Yaba, Lagos where I got HND in Textile Design. I am working as an Editor with TV Continental in Lagos, Nigeria.



2. How did you get started? What spurred your interest in Information Technology? Have you always been interested in ICT?

Answer: I started as a Graphic Designer in NTA Abeokuta before I learnt Non Linear Editing. Non Linear Editing is an act of editing Video with Computer. When I was working in NTA 2 Channel 5 I got interested in computer networking and I started asking people about it.

3. Congratulations on achieving your Network+. How did you achieve this feat in record time ?


Answer: A friend of mine who is a network engineer advised me to sit for CCNA. He gave me a CCNA book to read. I read the whole book more than three times but I didn't understand it. Somebody now introduced me to Jidaw's FREE IT Career seminar. It was at this seminar that I discovered that I had to start with A+ Diploma so that I could understand the fundamentals and Computer engineering. I did this and immediately attended Network+ class, before I finally sat for the CompTIA Network International certification exam and passed.



4: How was your Jidaw experience?

Answer: At Jidaw I met experienced Lecturers who really encouraged me and my other classmates particularly my A+ Diploma Lecturer, Mr, Richard Mba and my humble Network+ Lecturer Mr Timothy Gbolayan Olanrewaju.



5. What do you presently? What are the opportunities and challenges in your job?


Answer: Like I said, am currently working with TV Continental as an Editor. It has not been easy but I know God is in control.



6: What advice do you have for people just starting out on the road to building a career in Computing and ICT? What tips and advice would you have?

Answer: My advise to anybody coming to to networking environment as a newcomer is that the person should pass through A+ class; it is very important because there are some questions in the N+ Exam that are from A+. If you are able to have a solid background with A+, Network+ and other vendor based exams will be very easy.



7: What does the future hold for you?

Answer: I have just started with Networking Certification, I want to move to CCNA class in Jidaw System, because I know you are the Masters, the records are there to see.

I use this Opportunity to thank Mr Richard Mba, Mr. Timothy Olanrewaju and Alfa who handles CCNA class.

To Mr.Jide Awe, MD/CEO of Jidaw Systems Limited, may God continue to give you strength to be able to continue this good work that you are doing (AMEN).

More Knowledge, More Power.

God bless you all. Expect me in the next CCNA Class.


Adeola Mosudi Ajibade, Congratulations once again on achieving the Network+ certification. We thank you for your words and achievement that will inspire many others who are looking for hope and direction. Please don't rest on your oars as your best is yet to come. With this type of attitude and commitment your future is great. May God keep strengthening you as you continue to grow. You will fulfill your purpose.

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