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Purpose, Perceptions, Career Value and Growth

Each year, all over the world, millions of people, people just like you, interested in IT careers, decide to invest in certification. Some start by taking up training while others venture into the unknown by pursuing whatever comes up. How sensible and effective are these approaches? "Hit or Miss" or "Keep on hoping for the best"? Give me a break! We want to get certified but much do we know about what it's all about? Are you making avoidable mistakes? You need the cold, hard facts. This no-holds-barred report is hard-hitting but unbiased.


It may be painful but always choose brutal honesty instead of "feel good" deception. Let us be frank in looking at what they don't want you to know about IT certification. Growing an IT career certainly isn't about blindly acquiring certifications. Certifications aim to equip individuals with technology skills needed to build successful careers in IT. But be careful of myths and misconceptions. The report intends to provoke you. The truth is that you have no option - you need to disrupt the status quo. My questions are - what is your focus, what does IT certification mean to you? Is it simply about jobs or the "meal ticket"? Or is it about the "money in IT"? What is the real value of IT certification? Some find their way and some end up lost. What works and what does not work? What you need is no-nonsense straight talk not mumbo-jumbo. Let's open our minds to the right thinking for IT certifications.

1. Have Realistic expectations, There are No Shortcuts

Why are you interested in certification? For many candidates the focus is usually on new job and business opportunities, recognition and better compensation. Going into certification for the wrong reasons however breeds unrealistic expectations. This can be a source of frustration and unhappiness. For example, there is the belief that certifications will lead to automatic jobs. It's good to be ambitious and hungry for success but don't be so desperate that you set yourself up for exploitation. Do degree courses or other educational options create immediate employment opportunities for their holders? The "Certification-Goldmine-money-making machine" is a myth that has never been true. Certification creates avenues for knowledge and skill acquisition in relevant IT areas. But please remove your blinders. While it is true that certifications provides individuals with the opportunity to showcase their skills and talents there must be realistic expectations. Start by understanding what certification can do and what you need to do for yourself:

Wake up! You can't get the best of out certification with "Half knowledge". The huge amount of mail I receive on certification indicates the need for better and more meaningful perspectives. The wide array of career choices can be intimidating and confusing, while career requirements may not be clear or well defined. Keep your interest high, and let your passion help in sustaining momentum, but these are no excuses for burning resources and effort. To grow your career, you must ask questions - "He who asks is a fool for five minutes, but he who does not ask remains a fool forever". - Chinese Proverb. Develop the ability to find answers through your own effort.

Certifications can help in building a financially and professionally rewarding IT Career. The outlook is positively bright and promising for IT professionals because growth in IT usage and deployment has been explosive. With wireless penetration, the Internet, mobile applications, communications technologies and the evolution of new digitally enabled social and commercial structures, developments are moving at a furious pace. There will be opportunities for those who can use technology to provide solutions. But it is important to understand that IT is not a get-rich-quick scheme. No one is in IT for the sole purpose of making you rich. Certification is not a short cut to IT riches. Certifications aren't shortcuts for evading the need for learning, constructive effort and wise decision making.

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Do you really want a career in IT? Then don't let your career happen! Make your career happen!

Jide Awe

Jide Awe is the Founder of Jidaw.com

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May 4, 2009


Y. Suleiman of Kebbi State, Nigeria says:


I can't wait to download the report. I know I need guidance with IT certification. It looks promising.Thank You, Jidaw!

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