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27 Aug 2010 - Yes, that's what it's all about. Jidaw has brought down the cost of developing important IT entrepreneurial skills. This is a limited offer and is only valid for special IT empowerment forums. The program is available to on request to groups such as social Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Faith Based Organizations, Youth and Student groups. Such groups should make contact to learn about requirements. For individuals the program is available ON REQUEST on a   ONE ON ONE BASIS. Fee: N15,000 per participant.

Build up self reliance and develop important entrepreneurial skills to handle challenges and seize IT career and business opportunities. Call 07052509148 OR 08035007778 OR send e-mail to training@jidaw.com. Click here for more details.

Now you can learn about ...

- Practical, real-life IT entrepreneur opportunities
- Wealth creation and service provision for the knowledge economy
- The importance of change and innovation
- Developing the entrepreneurial mindset
- Critical success factors in entrepreneurship

"In the ICT human capital space - 5% are entrepreneurs, 20% are professionals, 75% are users". Who drives change? Where do you want to be? Will you wait for things to happen to you? Or do you want to make things happen?

Start Creating Your Future with the Success in Information Technology Business (SITB) program

Fee is inclusive of Tuition, Materials, Lunch, Certificate, the e-business book, Bonus sessions, etc.

Success Starts with Action - Contact Jidaw >>
Tel: 234-1-8958064, 08052647395, 07052509148, 01-7940562, 08035007778
e-mail: training@jidaw.com

Through this program you will learn:

- How to start and run your own IT business
- How to create wealth in ICT
- How to ensure profitability and sustainability in your IT business
- How to improve your self reliance skills
- How to take risks and translate ideas into business results,
- How to overcome challenges associated with entrepreneurship
- How to build your backbone for IT business empowerment

Space is limited. Places are offered on a first-come-first-served basis. This is a Limited Offer - Refuse to remain a consumer - Refuse to be a victim - Empower yourself for opportunity - Make a wise investment - ACT NOW!

Get better prepared to tap into the opportunities and address the challenges, mistakes and risks that are always part of the life JOURNEY TO SUCCESS.

Success Starts with Action - Contact Jidaw >>

Tel: 234-1-8958064, 08052647395, 07052509148, 01-7940562, 08035007778
e-mail: training@jidaw.com

Visit IT Entrepreneur Skills resource or send e-mail to training@jidaw.com for more details on SITB - affordable and effective learning for aspiring and startup IT Entrepreneurs.

Build Self Reliance, Create Your Future, Make a Difference with IT Entrepreneurship

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August 29, 2010


Jimoh Ibrahim of Lagos says:


Very interesting. I cannot wait to secure my future. I'm tired of living outside my dreams.

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Ideas are not enough. You must be action oriented to improve your future.



Don't just think but act. You get results not only from thinking but from acting.



You have ideas. You want to achieve. You want opportunity.



But what are you still doing in your comfort zone? The comfort zone is a dangerous place.



"I wanted to", "I was going to" cannot put on a light bulb, not to talk of moving you forward.



Aren't you tired of hoping and criticizing? Stop defending status quo that locks you down.



GO on the offensive now with IT Education and Empowerment.



What is the use of ideas without action?



Start becoming the achiever you deserve to be.