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Interview with Ruth Anok - IT Professional, Woman in ICT

25-5-2010  - What are women doing in ICT? Women in ICT are making a difference. How're women in ICT changing the game? Jidaw uses this web channel to share ideas with women in ICT. Ruth Anok, ICT professional, lectures at Olabisi Onabanjo University (Surulere Centre), Lagos. She connects and shares experiences with Jidaw.com in this interview.

Ruth Anok makes a difference through the work she does. She has no respect for status quo. She is a highly regarded and active member of the Jidaw Alumni Association . She represented the alumni during the W.TEC Girls Tech Camp.  

In her words: "What is stopping women is stinking status quo thinking. Girls and women should develop the interest and focus on their growth and career desires. They should not allow anybody to make them inferior. There is nothing men are doing that they can't do. NOTHING!"


1: Please let us meet you. Let's know more about you.

Answer: My name is Ruth Agboga Anok, I am 27years old. From Cross River State. I attended my Primary Education at Nde Afi Central Primary School from 1984 to 1990. I had my Secondary Education from 1997 to 2002 and later got admission into Rufus Giwa Polytechnic Owo to read Computer Science.  I graduated with ND (upper credit). I later went for my HND program at Olabisi Onabanjo University . I am presently lecturing at the Surulere centre of Olabisi Onabanjo University. I deliver some of the Computer Courses at this centre.


2: When did you first become interested in computers? What spurred your interest in Information Technology? Have you always been interested in ICT?

Answer: I became interested in Computer the first day I knew that Computers could be used by anyone for long distance communication. I always wondered about what made this possible. In fact I can say I was fascinated by the power of the Internet and not just from a user's perspective. In 1996, Internet was still new in the country and I had I just got to Lagos. Incidentally, my interest was spurred by the café situated right in front of my house at that time. It always kept me thinking. I decided that I must know how communication through cable takes place. How is this possible? I wanted to know how to develop and configure networks. This led to my interest in taking the course in the University. And I'm still aspiring to develop further in the areas of Network Security administration.



3: What do you do presently? Please give us details of what it entails?


Answer:   I am presently lecturing at Olabisi Onabanjo Universatiy (Surulere Centre)
Courses I teach include:
Computer maintenance
System Analysis and Design
Advance Operating System
Computer (introduction)


Funmilayo Omojola, another Jidaw Alumnus, and I represented the Jidaw Alumni Association at the 2009 Women's Technology Empowerment Centre (WTEC) Camp for young girls.


4: Why are so few women working in the ICT sector?


Answer: Too many women bow to the stereotypes in society. We must reject this status quo. Many women feel that ICT sector is too technical and that anything that has to do Engineering and technical stuff is only for men. But I am saying it loud and clear today that there is nothing a woman cannot do. Even in the developed countries, women are engineers, so why can't Nigerian and African women venture into technical and engineering areas? What is stopping women is stinking status quo thinking. Girls and women should develop the interest and focus on their growth and career desires. They should not allow anybody to make them inferior. There is nothing men are doing that they can't do. NOTHING!



5: Which program did you enrol for at Jidaw and why?


Answer: I enrolled for the A+ Comptia and Networking Engineering Diploma. I can say I really achieved a lot. During my ND and HND I was only reading computer as a course - only learning the theory. So upon graduation I started searching for a place that could offer me the practical opportunities required for my career growth. I meet two friends who recommended Jidaw. They specifically said that if I really wanted to acquire practical skills in computer Engineering my best option was Jidaw. My determination drove me to Jidaw. And I'm glad it wasn't a mistake.


6: How was your Jidaw experience?


Answer: Incredible! I can now assemble computers, upgrade old systems, detect and correct faults on systems. I can also direct someone on some steps to take when he or she is having problems with systems. It was practical and result oriented.

My experience in Jidaw has opened many opportunities for me in IT industry such as getting a good and well paid Job and also deepening my information technology knowledge and expertise. Jidaw really gave me the basics - the fundamentals that I built on, enabling to develop the ability to contribute more in the IT industry.

Jidaw's programs are unique in the sense that they have dedicated instructors that take time to explain issues simply and in detail no matter how complex. In a place where the instructors are good and where the management is good it is possible to impact knowledge into the student. The student always gains. They will always achieve their aim which also has significant impact in society.


7: What are the challenges you have faced in your achievement so far?


Answer:  Not much apart from finance as the desire has always been there. And because the world is a global village, one needs to be updating his or her knowledge to flow with the technological changes that occur each day.


8: What advice do you have for people just starting out on the road to building a career in Computing and ICT? What tips and advice would you have?


Answer:  In the IT/ICT Industry they are many opportunities out there whether you want to become a Field Support Engineer, Network Administrator, Database Administrator, etc. The opportunities are there. Those who want to build a Career in Computing and ICT should go for it and forge ahead with knowledge and awareness. They should not allow anything to distract them or make them feel they cannot do it. With determination and seriousness they can do whatever they desire to do.


9: What does the future hold for you?


Answer: With the experience I got from Jidaw and the use of online resources I see my experiences and opportunities as stepping stones to a pleasant future in the information technology (IT/ICT) industry. In particular my dream is to excel in information security starting by becoming a Network Security Administrator. I pray that God should help me to achieve my dream.


Jidaw.com thanks Ruth Anok, IT Professional for her time as well as for the positive impact she is making in the IT industry. May You keep growing as you fulfill your purpose.

Did Ruth Anok stir something in you? What do you have to say? How should we encourage the growth of women in the ICT industry?


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9 Jun, 2010


The Team @ Jidaw says:



Thank you @Oluwakemi, @Femi, @Morenike and @Jameel for your wonderful and encouraging comments. Hope you received your responses. We're glad you found Ruth's interview inspiring. Please circulate and share with others.  



3 Jun, 2010


Adeyoola Oluwakemi says:



It is truly incredible! Truly, a woman that is not determined to be among the achievers will at this time say that what a man can do they cannot do it better. As for me, it has been my guiding principle in life that what a man can do or any human being can also be done by me except if i do not have interest in it and if you think u can, you can but if otherwise so it will be but i will say that women should not limit themselves in any area. Oluwakemi has just begun her journey and with the backing of God she will get to the top. Aspire to get to the top and not only aspiring but work diligently, purposefully and prayerfully to be among the great achievers. Thanx. Peculiar treasure.  



28 May, 2010


Femi Adeaga of Festac town, Lagos says:



I think i have to say you are doing a good job and the comments and interview granted by two ladies in ICT. currently am running a postgraduate program in management course which is weekend but i still have the intention of coming to do a practical program in hardware after the completion of my program while i read computer science also working with little earning and i don't want to remain stagnant. thank you very much.  



27 May, 2010


Morenike of Abuja, FCT,  Nigeria says:



That was marvelous!! In fact i envy her. i have the intention of being an IT professional and having been making and asking question from you but never gave me a response. Women shouldn't be ignored, they need to be empowered  



25 May, 2010


F. Abdul Jameel of Ogun state, Nigeria says:



Impressive. If we don't empower women we are shooting ourselves in the foot. Ruth, Keep the flag flying!  



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