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The Staff and Management of Jidaw Systems Limited (Jidaw) welcome YOU to, the online web initiative. Jidaw has been helping people and organizations interested in growth and empowerment with Information and Communications Technology. 

Jidaw....More Knowledge! More Power!

Providing unique content on IT Career development, ICT training, IT certification, Jobs,  Empowerment opportunities, IT Entrepreneurship, ICT in Nigeria, ICT providers in Nigeria, ICT professional ICT associations in Nigeria, ICT policy formulation and ICT for development (ICT4D).

Providing authentic insights through articles, announcements and interviews on top performances of young professionals, exam preparation, certification value focusing on certified professionals, young ICT professionals, managers, entrepreneurs and others

Providing information on Jobs, Career and Empowerment opportunities in Nigeria especially for fresh graduates, the youth, young entrepreneurs to drive change, reduce unemployment, promote entrepreneurship......

* IT Training and Certification

* IT Career Development

* Jobs and Career Opportunities in Nigeria provision

* Empowerment Opportunities in Nigeria provision

* ICT Policy Formulation in Nigeria

* ICT4D Resource Provision

* ICT in Nigeria Content Provision



·        Jidaw is the originator of the IT Entrepreneurship Guide series - Success in IT Business programs IT Entrepreneur Guide series - Success in IT Business program and a Foremost Authority on IT Career development

·        Jidaw runs the only FREE, Straight talk, no-nonsense Career forum on IT Certification and Career Development

·        Jidaw had the foresight to develop the most critical and fundamental tech support and networking programs required by the IT industry

·        Jidaw had the vision to develop the most comprehensive website with information on IT training, certification, careers and ICT for development  - Jidaw is the leading content provider of ICT news, jobs, career information and strategic insights in ICT in Nigeria.

·        Jidaw rewrote the rules of IT Education and Career development and shaped the growth of IT training and certification

·        Jidaw has a proven and time-tested track record of competence and results. Jidaw's high-performing students are breaking records in international certification exams and have become positive contributors in Nigeria and in the global knowledge economy

more on: Free IT Career Empowerment Seminar (Closing the empowerment gap)

More on the: Free Career Empowerment Seminar



Candidates trained by Jidaw have posted solid results in international certification exams such as Cisco, CompTIA, Linux, A+ and MCSE.
Several Jidaw students have scored 1,000 in Cisco CCNA - the maximum score for this high value and globally recognized certification and maximum scores in A+ certification..


JIDAW Systems Ltd. is a Corporate Member of the Nigeria Computer Society (NCS), that has contributed significantly to the growth and development of Computer Technology in Nigeria. Jidaw Systems is in addition an active member of the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA), the leading global association that works to develop vendor-neutral standards in e-commerce, customer service, work force development and training certification. It is recognized in industry that Jidaw popularized CompTIA A+ certification in Nigeria.

Jidaw is a partner of the Network of Aspiring & Startup IT Entrepreneurs in Africa (NASITEA) as well as the African Information Security Association (AISA).

Jidaw is one of the leading Human resource,  and ICT training firms in Africa. Recognized for the professional services provided,



Our Mission
Jidaw is beyond Education in technology and the provision of ICT content.

"Jidaw leads in the promotion of knowledge growth and professionalism in information technology for empowerment and better and sustainable livelihood opportunities. Jidaw ignores the comfort of status quo by using technology, the knowledge, creative thinking and efforts of its people to bridge societal and global divides.".


Making a Difference ...>> Our focus here at Jidaw is to ensure that Information and Communications Technologies are used not just as tools but as a platform for development. 


Our Vision
Our Vision is about where Jidaw is going.

"Jidaw will be the key resource and leading change agent facilitating career fulfillment, better lives, sustainable growth and professionalism in digital technologies through its ideas, content, knowledge as well as the creativity and efforts of Jidaw’s people."

Mission Statement
"More Power, Better Lives and Sustainable Growth through Knowledge, Technology and quality Values"

Access to knowledge, not just knowledge is power. And what you do with knowledge is the priority not just access. With the right thinking and insights we can all make better choices in social, education, business and health matters. Making a difference means having this power. Digital literacy, as well as access to knowledge, information and communications should be for all.

Jidaw’s corporate slogan “More Knowledge! More Power!” captures key aspect of the Organization’s goals and strategies. In addition Jidaw believes in quality values and sustainable growth that places people and better lives first.

Our goals are :
* To provide ways for IT professionals to grow their careers more profitably 
* To provide opportunities for us all to get real benefit from Information Technology. 

* To encourage empowerment (especially of the Youth and Women) through ICT and bridging of the digital divide. If we all do our bit we can bridge the divide. Enough of being a "paper tiger" - Information Technology must start delivering on its promise.

Jidaw Systems was awarded a Certificate of Excellence at the ICT Achievers Award 2005 in the Category "Top ICT SMME in Africa". ForgeAhead organizes the Award in partnership with the Department of Communications, Republic of South Africa. Jidaw thanks the organizers and participants for this great honour. THANK YOU for your support and encouragement. Learn about the Certificate of Excellence Award here.

The Information Technology (IT) and the Communications age has brought with it new ways of doing businesses - the Information Society - the Knowledge economy.

For effective and efficient management of information, human and material resources, organizations (big or small) have to invest in Information and Communications Technologies.

Thus, the computer has become a tool for the realization of corporate and strategic goals in areas of manpower development, product/service delivery and after sales support services. IT and Telecom are essential for enhancing business value.  

It has also become a tool for empowerment. It today's world IT knowledge and skills make the difference. IT literacy is a necessity and the demand for competent IT professionals is high and growing everyday. In the ICT industry many need to know what and how to acquire skills that will enhance their value and give them competitive advantage. Learning is Lifelong. 

To fully maximize the use of the computers, to acquire expertise that makes the difference, individuals and result-oriented organizations must work hand-in-hand with firms that not only have the required expertise and experience, but also have a client-oriented focus.

 Jidaw Systems Limited was incorporated by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), Nigeria on the 14th day of March, 1989 as an Information Technology Solution firm to carry out Computer Consultancy and Training Services.

JIDAW SYSTEMS Limited (Mastercomputers) is an Information Technology Solution provider that specializes in:

* ICT Consulting
* ICT Content Provision

* IT Training and Certification 
* IT Career Advancement & Counselling Services
* ICT Marketing and promotion.

* Jobs and Career Opportunities in Nigeria provision

* Empowerment Opportunities in Nigeria provision

* ICT Policy Formulation in Nigeria

* ICT4D Resource Provision

* ICT in Nigeria Content Provision

  <<Products and Services>>

Training  ... >>  Today Jidaw Systems Limited is recognized in Nigeria and globally as a leader in Training, Certification and Career Development content that focuses on the fundamentals for building IT Careers. ... Web Initiative Content Provision...>>  Jidaw Systems Limited developed and runs, a web based initiative that provides creative content for Computing careers, Telecom developments in Nigeria, and IT Developmental issues.

All content is provided to meet the goals of empowerment and enrich the experience of site visitors. It is developed as a useful, information-rich site for people and organizations interested in  these areas of ICT and Empowerment. It is an initiative intended to promote job creation, empowerment, inclusion, ICT careers, ICT in Nigeria and pro-people ICT policy formulation through strong engagement and responsiveness to the needs of the Nigerian society.

As a developing nation, the site was created to enable users drive the much needed change and seize opportunities through ICT in our society. Information and insights are sincerely provided with the belief that knowledge and empowerment can help address real challenges in our society here such as: reducing unemployment, raising entrepreneurial thinking and ultimately help in reducing poverty. Guidance and information provided by the site has been used by many to improve themselves especially in the areas of training, certification and career development.

The ICT in Nigeria, ICT4D and ICT articles, content and policy guidance information is used by researchers in different parts of the world in their projects and research work. The site has been named and used by individuals, government agencies as well as academic and professional organizations within and outside Nigeria who continually commend us for creating a unique site for ICT, ICT4D, jobs, trends, projects, etc.

Jobs, Career  and Empowerment Announcements
In order to further offer significant value to site visitors the site publishes announcements from several organizations on events and news related to Jobs, Empowerment Opportunities, Training Offers, Certification, Awards, Scholarships, Grants, etc. In view of the site’s audience and unique focus, several organizations including corporate organizations, social organizations, employers and providers send their news, press release, events, vacancies and other announcements that will be of interest the site’s audience. Only announcements those that are genuine and will offer benefit to the site’s audience are published.

Empowerment through Information Technology ...>> A widely acclaimed initiative is the FREE monthly IT Career seminar that provides information and unique insights on IT Careers, Certification, Career Focus and IT Professionalism.
It is no surprise that Jidaw is generally acknowledged in Nigeria as the leading promoter of Empowerment by Building Effective IT careers. 

Jidaw introduced e-skills and Your Career program, on radio in Nigeria. The program was broadcast on Wednesdays on Metro FM 97.6 radio station., the companion website contains all content broadcast on radio as well as related information for those unable to listen to the program due to reasons of location and or time.

The focus of e-skills and Your Career is skills, jobs, e-business, entrepreneurship and career opportunities for growing and developing the knowledge economy in Nigeria.

ICT Promotion ...>>  Due to our hugely popular content, we receive more enquiries on ICT products and services in Nigeria than any other organization.

Our Clients ...>> Jidaw offers services to individuals and organizations in all sectors of the economy. Jidaw's appeal is both local and global.

Ideas rule ...>> Our innovation and creativity has singled us out as a forerunner and pacesetter in Nigeria's IT and Telecom sector. At Jidaw our power is that of ideas. Jidaw is the 900 pound Gorilla when it comes to ideas.

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. --Mahatma Gandhi"

"Ideas are far more powerful than guns. We don't allow our enemies to have guns, why should we allow them to have ideas?" -Josef Stalin

We don't claim to be perfect. We don't claim to have all the answers. But we intend to make an impact. We are committed to making a difference and we are already making a difference. We have ideas. We have thoughts. We have a song and with YOU we will sing our song.

Founder / CEO ...>> The Founder / CEO of is Jide Awe who has been involved in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) from 1983. With his strong background in ICT and business management, he consults for both corporate and government clients and provides ICT content through various online, print and electronic media. Jide Awe, the Jidaw CEO is a Fellow of Nigeria Computer Society


IT 2010 Awards



Jide Awe, Jidaw Founder "humbled" by 2010 ICT Awards


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About Jidaw

what is the essence of knowledge? where lies the value in technology? We exist to empower people using knowledge and technology. It's about More Power and Better Lives.

Mission Statement

"More Power, Better Lives and Sustainable Growth through Knowledge, Technology and quality Values"


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  Jidaw....More Knowledge! More Power!  






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